Top 4 rated ICO’s

Stunning approach to stabilizing the cryptocurrency price
4 /5
  • Start date: 04-01-2018
  • End date: 14-03-2018
  • Accepted:
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Empowering the games community
4 /5
  • Start date: 20-03-2018
  • End date: 10-04-2018
  • Accepted:
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Decentralized platform for spare GPU owners
3.5 /5
  • Start date: 18-02-2018
  • End date: 28-04-2018
  • Accepted:
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Disrupting the electricity market
4.5 /5
  • Start date: 20-02-2018
  • End date: 30-04-2018
  • Accepted:
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TokenGuru ICO guide – everything you need to know about

You would be amazed to know that the simple things that are ignored within the token ecosystem can make huge impacts, especially when considering investing in initial coin offerings or when starting your own project. Information is the baseline for any successful venture. We have provided this section of our website to cater for the major players in the ICO world: the investor, the developer, the crypto enthusiast and regulatory agencies (or the government). Remember that this ICO guide is for educational purposes only.

On the investor’s side

Investors (especially traditional VC) or noobs looking to invest in initial coin offering are advised to go through our articles page to acquaint themselves with the general concept of ICO and bring them up to speed on what is generally required in order to effectively participate in an ICO and profit from it. More so, the information contained in our articles are thorough, yet simplified to suit all palate. Most advanced crypto traders and experienced investors will attest to the fact that the information provided will suffice for all categories of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

As a noob, the information we provide can explain the feelings experienced from the moment you hear the word ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘token’’. This Initial Coin Offering guide provides the necessary resources needed to equip with the right information so as to approach the concept from an informed position. Moreover, it can serve as a study manual to understand the trends and evolution of token sale events. One of the major reasons, why tokenization of digital asset hasn’t gained mainstream adoption is due to the conservative mindset of traditional institutions and investors who are not properly informed about the nitty-gritty and would be quick to conclude on aspects that remain mysterious without considering the potential worth as related to conventional systems.

For more experienced traders and investors, our guide serves as a refresher’s course should any need it and also new concepts are constantly updated on the platform to keep the information flow continuous.

ICO Guide

On the developers’ side

With most projects experiencing difficulties and oftentimes leading to failed projects, our goal is to ensure that developers of tokenized assets understand what it entails to hold an initial coin offering and provide them with the necessary informational tools to build a successful project. The articles in this section are well organized to act as a guide or template structure for any developer to efficiently plan and execute their project hitch-free.

The developers on various projects can learn to relate with their prospective audience with the content on our ICO guide page to better tailor their technical content to serve a larger pool of investors. In other words, the contents in this section of our website serve as a mediator between the developers and crypto enthusiasts and possibly higher calibers of investors, as they are designed to form a common center for all three categories to identify with.

On the regulator’s side

Currently, blockchain adoption is gaining traction with increased national interests looking to customize the phenomenon. This is largely due to the numerous potential real-world practical use-cases. However, ICOs are not receiving the same treatment comparatively, and this is because of regulatory queries and risks associated with ICOs. This guide will help regulators understand what ICOs are about and how they function. It will also help speed up the acceptance of ICO events across the globe.

While there are not too many web platforms out there that correctly presents the concept of the blockchain technology and ICOs, we intend to stand out as one of those sites that will encourage all the stakeholders to participate with an informed mind. Our articles section further provides a library of terminologies and concepts related to ICOs and how they perform in the real world.