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TravelFlex crowdsale ongoing until next 3 days

Posted Jan 9, 2018

The HongKong based startupTravelFlex cryptocurrency said that their crowdsale would be continuing through January the 12th, 23:59 GMT. The company is a decentralized platform for world tourism.

$95m worth of TravelFlex coins are on sale in this round at $0.28 each. The money realized is meant for the development of a peer to peer platform that enhances a decentralized service for the travel subsector.

One advantage of TravelFlex Coin is its utility as a speculation instrument as well as being a means of value transfer within the TravelFlex ecosystem. The proof-of-work based coin is minable and has an active mining community around it.

The versatility of the coin is in its utility as a means of value transfer that could be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency and therefore can be used outside the TravelFlex platform.

With world travelers numbered in billions in the next couple of years. This TravelFlex crowdsale is an opportunity for investors to leverage the massive travel and tourism industry to invest and benefit from a blockchain based company in the sector.

Some of the services offered by TravelFlex are:

  • High incentive ATM Card with world reach.
  • A social networking feature that connects international travelers.
  • Secure International transactions through an escrow service.
  • 24 hours daily live support.
  • TravelFlex based travelers check backed by the TravelFlex system.
  • Cell phone application integrated with the TravelFlex platform.

The company’s crowdsale creates a platform in which to invest and benefit from the booming cryptocurrency industry. The project would be deployed by the Q4 of this year.

Contacts or any other information can be found of the official website: