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Stunning approach to stabilizing the cryptocurrency price
4 /5
  • Start date: 04-01-2018
  • End date: 14-03-2018
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Empowering the games community
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  • Start date: 20-03-2018
  • End date: 10-04-2018
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Decentralized platform for spare GPU owners
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  • End date: 28-04-2018
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Disrupting the electricity market
4.5 /5
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  • End date: 30-04-2018
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First ICO TV show debut

Posted Feb 8, 2018

The first TV show dedicated to Initial Coin Offerings has started airing on ICOInvestor TV website. The show is intended to create awareness of the ever-growing ICO niche with its attendant need for streamlining. The show, which airs Tuesdays at 5 pm Eastern Time features prominent leaders in the cryptocurrency space.

The program features interviews with blockchain experts, in-depth analysis of ICO trend, current crowdfunding projects with good potentials for success, as well as commentaries from investors.

With the growth of Initial Coin Offerings has come to a lot of concern from investors and regulators on the modalities with which to know what ICOs are worth investing in and those that investors should keep off from. The risk in ICO investing is multi-faceted and has necessitated a level of information centralization to enable the investors make informed decisions on ICOs. The founder Aubrey Chernick said that ICO education is one of the objectives of ICOInvestor TV.

Last week featured the co-founder of Indiegogo Slava Rubin. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that has morphed into an ICO promoting service, helping ICOs achieve their targets. Mr. Rubin’s company Indiegogo has teamed up with MicroVenture in the quest to meet operational efficiency in the market. He explained the motive behind his company’s drive for the ICO space. Another guest in the program is Scott Nelson of Sweetbridge startup.

David Weild will be on thy spotlight this week to share his views on the ICO phenomenon. David Weild was the former vice chairman of NASDAQ and he would give his projections on what the crypto community should expect from the new cryptocurrency based fundraising method that has seen startups and established companies launch campaigns for funds.

The ICO show is anchored by an experienced securities lawyer Amy Wang and an early investor in cryptocurrencies Adam Chapnick. The program, which commenced last month has featured the hottest ICO related topic, which is regulated to enhance best practices. A country by country trend towards regulation of ICO has been analyzed for those countries that have mapped out or made policy statements towards initial coin offerings.

Aubrey Chernick, the founder of the ICOInvestor TV is interested in startup promotion and wants to project good ICOs to investors. The ICO phenomenon took off rapidly in 2017 and is likely not slowing down anytime soon. However, safe participation has been an issue begging to be addressed. Chernick hopes that with an education of the public and incisive analysis of ICOs, investors will not just learn about trends, but know what to look out for before investing in Initial Coin Offerings.

The company has been inviting ICOs to sign up for the spotlight segment and present their startups to the public in an obvious move to commercialize the project, though they insist that their target presently are American based companies that have registered their startups with SEC or gotten exemption from.