WordCoin review

WordCoin is the name of the cryptocurrency which can be used to purchase services on the decentralized Word Expert (WE) platform. The platform will be powered by blockchain transactions which offer a completely transparent and open market.

The services which Word Expert will provide are:

  • Copywriting
  • Translation – into any language with proofreading conducted by native speakers
  • SMM – placement of posts on social media platforms with active SEO backlinks (posting)
  • ORM – rent pages on high-traffic web-pages at popular websites to publish content.

The founders suggest this is a billion dollar industry and they foresee the following groups of clients benefiting from the Word Expert platform:

  • Companies

A company will be able to order and/or promote content for its business website or even a specific brand within its enterprise. It will have the ability to diversify into different markets using the translation option provided.

  • People

The Word Expert platform will provide new opportunities for social media marketing and search engine reputation management with the help of advanced SERM options.

  • Events & Venues

Promotion of an event or a newly opened location will be possible via the platform’s SMM options.

  • ICO

Other ICO start-ups can use the platform to launch PR campaigns including partners’ web resources which will be registered into the system.


The features provided by WordCoin and the Word Expert platform include:

  • Blockchain

All financial transactions will be entirely built on a decentralized blockchain with smart contracts. This provides full transparency and low transactional costs.

  • Big Data

Analysis of vast amounts of users’ data, a rating system to encourage only high-calibre work and constant monitoring of posted information.

  • Artificial Neural Networks

AI or machine learning technology will be employed to eliminate sub-standard work, thus offering only premium content.

  • SSL Encryption

All Word Expert traffic will be encrypted using the latest SSL protocol. The platform also boasts adaptive security architecture to offer several further layers of protection.

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