Winco ICO Review

After a successful sale of 500 million WCO tokens, the Winco project team has set out on the first phase of their Main sale event currently set at a base price of $0.07 to 1 WCO token.

The team seems to be leveraging their product on investing in real-world based assets such as real estate ventures and franchises, considering that these assets have intrinsic values independently.

Real estate market is a booming economy as it provides real value to investments and creates a sense of ‘physical worth’ – as they truly represent that; something physical that an investor can point to. Considering that people use real properties for both commercial and residential uses, they are valuable as are important and necessary for human development.

The crypto-market is revolutionary and continues to evolve from one state to the other, however, their volatile nature doesn’t seem to be parting anytime soon. As such, some people still share a double-minded perspective towards cryptocurrencies and others still have a great fear of entering into this modern economic technology.

Winco wants to create a token that can alleviate this problem pending when regulatory standards can be effected. Meanwhile, their product can truly carve out a niche for them, as people can invest in real-world projects, products, and business assets under the guise of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the value of this token will be directly proportional to the number of new business that is hedged to the token. In other words, more businesses and franchise means an increase in valuation and hence the cryptocurrency has more stability than other valorized cryptocurrencies.

In a nutshell, this new token wants to tackle volatility and real-world use case simultaneously providing a more user-friendly and economic centric model for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

winco ico

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