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VISO Company is planning to make cryptocurrencies an even more useful exchange tool in our everyday business affairs. They intend to bring the usage of these digital assets to the common daily living and regular activities that usually involve fiat currencies, like grocery shopping, payment of utility bills, payment for taxi services and so on. They are targeting the Georgia market and would spread from there to the entire world.

VISO is intending to build a payment gateway that has cross payment interphase, such that a cardholder can either decide to spend with crypto or with fiat currencies only embedded into a single smart card.

We can see that the cryptocurrency usage is gradually increasing although at a very slow pace, and the more popular they are, the more people ask questions about what they are and what they are capable of. The uses of digital coins have found outstanding usage beyond the peer-to-peer exchange and payment systems.

What problem do they solve?

The major challenge still within the cryptocurrency system, is that of mainstream adoption and coupled with the delayed application with traditional trade systems are a huge deterrent. More so, it is a fact that many people still don’t trust crypto and are quite pessimistic and withdrawn when it comes to the issues of digital money especially considering the volatility and regulatory stands.

People usually want to know that having bitcoin or any of the over 1,000 coins out there goes beyond speculative investments and daily trading of volatile assets. In fact, people simply want to spend the currency like they do with their debit and credit card options or the paper currencies which provide them physical warmth, security, and assurance – when inflation or theft is not involved.

And sometimes, most merchants can see the potential of cryptocurrencies and would love to receive payments in this currency types, however, there are limits and restrictions placed by the law against crypto assets. In some countries they have already been banned. This is something VISO aims to change without affecting the laws of the jurisdiction.

One of the viable prospects for cryptocurrencies that could be a turning point to offset the balance between those who sit on the fence, those who are completely oblivious of the potentials of digital assets and those who have been actively involved in the use of the currency for the time of its creation, is the ability to trade cryptocurrency over the counter of regular roadside stores using Point of Sale terminals.

viso ico review

Solutions provided

VISO Company which will be created will solve these problems of mainstream usage by creating smart terminals, smart VISO shops that will replace the conventional banking point of sale terminals. And the good thing is, they will be issuing their service friendly with the financial policies of the jurisdiction where their services cover.

Their service cards will act as gateways, similar to interswitch, only this time, the currency type switch is from cryptocurrency to fiat payment gateway.
The system is designed in such a way that, users’ funds in form of crypto-assets are changed within the system to the fiat form of the equivalent and they sent to the merchant through the Point of sale terminal.

This way the merchants nor the buyer are not prosecuted for dealing with cryptocurrency as the transaction will be completed in the conventional and acceptable fiat currency.

Basically, the features will include:

  • A fiat payment sub-gateway that transacts the user’s funds in cryptocurrency through the fiat gateway, something like an internal conversion system.
  • Also, the platform features an inter exchange service within the wallet features.
  • A wallet that has the ability to contain and process transactions in both traditional currencies and the VISO digital currencies through the help of multiple partnerships with gateways like VISA and Master card and other third-party payment processing systems.
  • The technologies that will be used will include that of the payment preprocessing, smart terminals, and the smart cards.

It would seem they have working prototypes of the VISO shop in other countries, but that of the processing card is still in the development stages, which are currently awaiting testing.


They would be conducting a crowdsale of their generated WAVES tokens to enable them develop the platform and also seek to acquire licensing permission from the Georgian government. By releasing 1 billion of their VITO token during the token generation event, they aim at realizing a maximum of $25 million USD or a minimum of $3 million USD from a sale of 80% of the tokens.

Once they are able to raise the minimum investment funds needed for their project, they will focus on the essential aspects of their project, this includes ensuring the growth turnover of VITO tokens, increased card-based transaction of their services, and creating more terminals for transactional activities.

For quick adoption of the VISO platform, the smart terminals will be offered freely to merchants in Georgia enabling them to rapidly provide awareness and mass adoption within the areas of influence.

Since the tokens are WAVES based, it, therefore, means that they will be using the WAVES blockchain network and its features to carry out their operations – at least the cryptocurrency aspects.

Crowdsale analysis

The presale was scheduled to start on September 25th, 2017 and end on the October 25th 2017, while that of the main sale will start from November 1st 2017 and end on March 15th 2018; they will be selling their tokens at a base price of $0.1.

They have chosen to distribute their tokens thus:

  • VITO Buyers 80%
  • Founders and advisers 18%
  • Bounty campaign 2%

viso bonuses

The roadmap

For a 36-months plan, the project seems to have a concise vision and an actual plan to execute their project. After the crowdsale, they will go into full development and production mode. It can be seen from their roadmap that 6 months into the project, they would seek for certification from VISA and MasterCard to collaboratively offer their own payment processing independently.


The team is headed by Vasil Khanishvili, a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, brings with him a wealth of valuable experiences especially in the finance sector. After serving as a tax officer and with his vast experience in the implementation of cashier machines in Georgia, the team seems to be trusting of his ability to demonstrate an effective leadership.

Other members of the team seem to be qualified too, academically sound and have the valid experiential portfolio to embark on this project. They are not amateurs.

They pull together an aggregate of experience to which they can draw from a well of provable past achievements and success in other related financial fields.

viso team


Their website is neatly designed and not complicated with too many functions and has easily accessible information grid layout.

Their whitepaper is efficiently written and proves that the development team are not amateurs and know what they are doing. The outline and expressions of their objectives are well presented in all media documents. They also have a one-pager and a business plan separate from their whitepaper which allows for ease of access for the investor. Although minor typographical errors were spotted in their document, however, they were able to still communicate effectively

For an investor who wants quick overview can access the one-pager and get the whole picture of the project at a glance. If he further wants to know more about it, he can then look through the whitepaper, which presents more detail. And should the prospective investor be further interested and needs an economic overview, a business model is well arranged to satisfy the investor’s curiosity.

The only observation of concern is that after their private and presale, no further update was done on both the website and on the whitepaper. Usually, project developers include periodic updates on their documents to show activity and can serve as an interim self-assessment and reporting tool even before the main project begins.

Facebook has over 1600 followers, Twitter has over 900 followers, their telegram group has about 420 members. Their YouTube page has about 5 different videos with an interview with the Original GEO and a brief 26 seconds introduction to the platform.

They have also reserved 2% of their total tokens for bounty program, which is also subdivided into signature campaigns on – 40%, referral campaigns – 40% and exceptional support for the project – 20%.


The platform is to be developed on the WAVES blockchain, they will be accepting contributions major in WAVES, however, they have also indicated that they will accept payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, and EUR. The investment so far is as safe as any other cryptocurrency investment can be approached. However, the investor should consider due diligence and research more on the background of the team and essentially if possible see if the locations provided are accurate.

There are no escrow systems. The funds are directly sent to the company once the contribution is made through waves platform’s smart contracts. Therefore, the investor should approach with more caution.

Pros and Cons


  • Promoting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through point of sale terminals.
  • Encouraging merchants and buyers to adopt the usage of digital assets and allow for non-violation of jurisdictional policies.
  • The platform already has working VISO shops products in some countries like China.


  • No escrow system for the contribution makes it quite risky. Although they have stated that if minimum funds required are not achieved they will initiate a refund to investors.
  • There are other products providing cryptocurrency card technology in the blockchain industry too and might be huge competitions for them.
  • There are more crackdowns on ICOs and cryptocurrencies in prospective markets of high economic value such as China.
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