TravelFlex review

TravelFlex is offering something new to the fields of not only tourism and travel, but also cryptocurrency. They are developing a decentralized platform that is intended on being used for social media travel and payments. TRF is implementing a new and unique DAG algorithm onto the blockchain. It is not just another coin fork from other bigger coins and tokens. They are building their own blockchain. Their goal is to improve some of the scalable issues and limitations that many other cryptocurrency projects are faced with at this moment. This means that their block speed will be 1 block-size per 1 second, compared to Bitcoin’s structure, which is much larger.

TravelFlex will run on it’s own network as PoW structure that can also be mined, like any PoW, but instead of the traditional ASIC miners, they are decentralized. People can be rewarded by earning TFX by using their graphic processing units. They are utilizing a decentralized chat messenger and will also be offering a TravelFlex card to make purchases and transactions even easier to implement in real time. TravelFlex is doing something quite unique and wanting to integrate many of the unique and optimal methods available with current technology and trends to merging them all into one platform to help those that are interested in tourism and traveling.

The TFX crowd sale began on December 14th 2017 and will end on January 14th, 2018. There will be a total of 100 million TFX available for sale. TravelFlex is accepting Btc, Eth, Ltc, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and even fiat. Their ICO is about to end, so if this type of project interests you, now is the time!

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