Thrive ICO Review

The economic potential of the internet space cannot be overemphasized. Most people choose internet advertisement over the traditional forms because of the frequent patronage and usage of internet facilities.

Thrive thinks this mobile internet advertising market will move from a gross of $109 billion USD in 2016 to up north of $240 billion USD in 2020. Remarkably, this goes along to show how profiting the industry is. However, the current concerns have made a shift in paradigm in how content is being displayed especially with regards to safety and transparency and has put the ecosystem in pinch.

The current advertising marketplace suffers from low market efficiency resulting from high ad network fees, incongruent data analytics, lack of transparency, and many lower reputation systems. All these are problems intended to be tackled by Thrive.

The Thrive project wants to eliminate the problems plaguing the ad industry by building a platform that eliminates intermediaries and undue interferences that limit the potential of advertising. With comparatively lower fees, the platform will empower stakeholders to achieve the maximum expectations of the ad industry.

The Thrive ecosystem comprises of the publisher, advertiser, consumers, and reviewers, who will be willing to share data resources that will be stored and verifiable on the blockchain to enhance the growth of the ad marketplace.

The project believes in the power of consensus and hopes that it would be a driving force for the ecosystem. They go on to suggest that stakeholders’ economics is left to their discretion, meaning that they can improve their performance.

It would seem that the project is heading in the right direction as they have quite the support, evident from the funds raised during their presale totaling over 8 million Euros, beyond their expectations. Moreover, the main sale is scheduled to continue from 10th of March 2018 until 5th of April, 2018 targeting 25 million Euros.

Thrive Ecosystem

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