The Memessenger review

The Memessenger is the world’s first mobile messenger application to use no words – only memes can be sent through the app.

Memes are delivered in the form of high-quality audio-visual stickers. The stickers used for the memes come from popular, fun and trendy memes circulating at present. The Memessenger team will be constantly updating the catalog so that the app always has the newest and coolest memes available.

The purpose of the ICO is to raise investment capital to launch The Memessenger globally. There have been several messenger apps which have been valued in the hundreds of millions so this form of technology is often a favorite for investors.

Additionally, the founders of The Memessenger do have a number of possible monetization avenues, including a merchandise store, commercially sponsored memes, sticker-packs and other ideas.


  • Nothing but memes

Only memes are able to be sent – no words! Users can send and receive memes from friends whom have also downloaded and installed the app on their device.

  • Voice and Picture

The voice (spoken words) is the audio and the HD image (the meme’s creator) is the visual. These two parts combined create the audio-visual meme sticker.

  • Wazz Upppp

Incoming memes play automatically upon delivery – unless the receiver’s deviced is in silent mode. This creates a lot of fun and entertaining uses for The Memessenger.

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