The Abyss ICO Review

The Abyss Platform proud itself as being the next generation digital distribution platform which will be the first to implement decentralized autonomous ICO (DAICO), a concept once proposed by famous Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin, which is expected to reduce the risks involved with ICOs, by leveraging the crowds’ wisdom and voting ability making the team more objective in their development.

The Abyss platform is an ecosystem that comprises of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gamers who will drive digital content distribution across the internet. Gaming is amongst the top most abundant and lucrative economic sector under the technology modular. As people play games constantly on different types of devices.

The video games market is a viable economic opportunity and has grown over the years to an unprecedented level.

The challenge identified with this industry is the need to create content-specific for gamers as the competition out there is growing, and alongside that chart is the need to advertise even more. As a matter of fact, the survey has it that more funds for advertising take up the most game developers budget, thereby leaving little for profit sharing.

Adding more weight to this challenge is the need for new game developers to compete heavily with already established markets which could mean so much more advertising and so little profit to make.

It all bores down to data and statistics. The easy way out is for developers to know what exactly the gamers want, which often time is hard to tell but essential to developing a game product that sells itself.

The project wants to use the blockchain technology for Free to play, MMO and crypto games services thereby creating a platform for game content where developers and gamers can be rewarded for the use of the platform. Users get to earn tokens with the referral system and CPA network tasks on the platform.

Their crowdsale is expected to run from March 7th 2018 – April 7th 2018. Their funding goal is to raise a minimum of $6 million USD or at most $40 million USD by selling 60% of 603.75 million ABYSS tokens at the base price of 1ABYSS to $0.24 USD. All funds collected are for the platform’s development.

The Abyss ICO

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