Target Coin review

Target Coin is cryptocurrency investment and trading company using a closed-end fund investment model.

Its ICO is the TGTCoin. This will finance a long-short cryptocurrency fund aimed at investors looking to capitalize on the current rise of blockchain technology and crypto currencies.

Target Coin claims to make the process of investing in digital money markets much easier for investors whom perhaps have neither the time nor expertise to do it themselves. Investment in this project/fund is only open during the ICO period.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Target Coin uses smart contracts tied to artificial intelligence machine learning, technical analysis and big data to trade and invest cryptocurrencies, while also providing complete transparency to investors.

Smart contracts are also used to create the profit-sharing model. By design, it will share 85% of profits directly with investors through a token buy-back system.

Target Coin’s vision is to provide investors with risk adjusted returns from an assortment of cryptocurrencies which profit from either market increases or decreases.


The team behind Target Coin will use a number of trading strategies which it believes will deliver positive results regardless of ups and downs in the market. Among these strategies are:

  • Machine Learning

Using special algorithms, machine learning is a big part of Target Coin’s trading strategy. This new technology will be used to analyze past technical patterns. There is also an order splitting algorithm programmed in which triggers the smart contract based on combined factors of market impact and price-risk.

Machine learning will also have a role in forecasting the estimation of liquidities from different markets and to provide probability-based predictions on short-term price changes. The goal is to create a number of alpha generators for the investor by utilizing technical pattern strategies.

  • Quantitative Arbitrage

This strategy will pinpoint trading opportunities using quantitative analysis from all historical data. Unique algorithms seek to take advantage of the buying and selling of assets which are known to show consistent fluctuations in price. This will generate returns for investors by capitalizing on these short-term discrepancies.

  • Margin Financing and Lending Options

By margin financing, Target Coin will share in the risk-reward scenario of this strategy. This offers potentially much larger gains for the investor.

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