StreamSpace review

StreamSpace is a platform that is designed to help those who create content, especially those who create videos. Their goal is to be able to provide a solution to all of the problems with the current models. Some of these problems include piracy, complicated and minimal payouts or small profit percentages, lack of transparency for how the content creators are paid, etc. This is a really huge problem for a lot of people that are making and are trying to make a living off of creating their own unique content.

Much of these centralized platforms like YouTube make it almost impossible for people to even profit off of their own hard work. There are a lot of projects out there right now that are using the decentralized foundation, blockchain technology, and transparent ledgers to try and solve this problem. StreamSpace is now one of the many projects aiming to do so.

What sets them apart? SteamSpace is focusing on filmmakers in particular and providing a transparent, open ledger system for transactions and payments. Since their platform is decentralized, they are able to cut down on costs, which means more profit for the creator or artist.

Are they the only ones doing this? No, there are several other projects out there aiming to do the same thing. It is quite rare now for us to witness a new project that is tackling some overlooked issue or problem, where most new projects are all trying to address and provide more freedom and benefits to the individual who uses a particular platform on the internet.

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