Streamity review

It is well known that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature, making it hard for mass adoption; on top of this, we have transaction charges fused with commissions that affect those who are currently using cryptos for trading activities.

Streamity aims at being an all-in-one portal into the crypto world, by lowering entry barriers for new users and also optimizing the user experiences of already existing cryptocurrency traders through the creation of StreamDesk dApp – a smart solution designed to address the current issues in the cryptocurrency to fiat exchange markets.

They are proposing to provide fixed prices for cryptocurrency purchases at a rate set by major licensed cryptocurrency exchange markets. They promise to make digital assets to fiat currency exchange more profitable through an easy and secure way. This would probably attract more traditional venture capitalists and traders who are not too comfortable with the current nature of the cryptocurrency trading market.

Streamity also wants to be a robust resource hub for crypto enthusiasts, fusing in investment, trading, analysis and general information about cryptos and blockchain for educational and informational purposes.

All these features being attempted by this project will hinge on a shift in the paradigm usage of smart contracts. Up until now, most people use smart contracts for ICOs only, but this time, this proposed exchange platform will use smart contracts as escrows to initiate, hold funds and conclude the trading.

STM tokens are based on Ethereum ERC-20 standards, which will power the ecosystem. At a base price of 1STM to $0.2 USD, the project wants to raise $20 million USD selling 180,000,000 tokens. So far, they’ve crossed their Softcap of $500,000 USD raising a whopping $2 million USD during their Pre-ICO early this year. The main sale is in two phases:

Phase 1: 12th March – 25th March, 2018.
Phase 2: 16th April – 29th April, 2018.

Streamity ICO

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