StockChain ICO Review

It is well established that there are potentials currently yet to be explored and can change how cryptocurrencies can be used and adopted on a global scope. StockChain aims to be a one stop shop for all cryptocurrency trading and investments.

They want to change how these financial assets aspects of blockchain technology are managed and harnessed to maximize investment potentials.

The future of blockchain is not without cryptocurrencies and with what has been observed so far, there has been a tremendous increase in the usage and adoption of the various technologies underpinning blockchain enterprises.

Trading will most certainly be a part of the future of this emerging economy, and that goes without saying that with the current trading infrastructures available today, the market stands at little or no chance at support a wide-scale implementation of this investment hub.

However, the most disconcerting state of affairs isn’t going away by mere wishing. Efforts towards making the entire cryptocurrency community a more secure, transparent and profiting environment will largely depend on the existence of a more ‘decentralized’ platform to the core.

With the existence of too many cryptocurrencies and exchanges, comes the silos problem whereby each segregated platform conducts its business independently and disharmonious to the larger concept. This invariably gives rise to a colossal problem accumulated by the different trading protocols and discontinuous patterns on each exchange.

StockChain proposes a more in-depth solution to the problem at hand by introducing a central trading platform whose sole function is to provide cohesive data sets that are trending on different exchanges and make it an ultimate trading experience for the investor. One very insightful potential this can provide is the opportunity for arbitrage deals and maximize return on investment.

They will be conducting the second part of their crowdsale with the success of the presale raising 5000ETH proves how much interest the community is ready to provide the project. The date is yet to be scheduled.

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