Starbase review

Starbase is a multi-dimensional project which aims to provide a global platform for both crowdfunding and crowdsourcing projects.

The purpose of the platform is to connect people from different groups. One group would be those with the ‘idea’, for example a new start-up company, a new business enterprise manager for a large corporation, an event organizer or even an artist or athlete. This group would use Starbase to pitch their product or service.

They might be seeking financial capital to bring their idea to market, in which case they would use the Starbase platform for crowdfunding. Or perhaps, they need specialist expertize, such as blockchain engineers, designers or a blockchain lawyer, then they would be looking at the Starbase community for crowdsourcing.

The other group, known as ‘supporters’, would be investors and those people who could offer relevant skills to assist a project. This means that even a start-up with no prior knowledge of blockchains and digital currencies can join Starbase to find people to help (technically) and people to invest. Additionally, the Starbase team also helps new projects get off the ground by providing a deep technical support infrastructure.

Starbase has created a brand new cryptocurrency, the STAR Token. This is using the internationally-recognized Ethereum ERC20 token. Token holders can use them to pay for projects or invest in future projects which are created via the platform.


There are features on Starbase for both innovative projects as well as collaborators, so we will assess each separately:

Innovative Projects

  • Share Long Term Incentives

The power of blockchain allows flexible sharing of long-term incentives with team members that are fast and cheap.

  • Fundraise Globally

Utilize Bitcoin and other major altcoins such as Ether to raise the necessary capital from investors around the world.

  • Connect Globally

Starbase offers a platform for project founders to connect and engage with the right people to bring the idea to market.


  • Reward Distribution

STAR Token holders are rewarded quarterly.

  • High Liquidity

The transparent nature of the platform means members and assets can be verified (publicly) on the blockchain. This acts to enhance the liquidity for trading the token on exchanges.

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