Spectiv review

Spectiv is a cutting-edge platform which offers users, individuals or companies, the ability to stream their own totally unique virtual reality creations and experiences to the world.

The viewer will be able to become a part of these virtual reality experiences from their home. The founders wish to create shared experiences which are truly immersive and only possible through the power of VR technology.

Spectiv will use a two token ecosystem:

  • Spec Tokens (Specs)

Specs are an internal currency which will be used to facilitate functions exclusively on the Spectiv platform such as ad rewards, tips to curators and premium content purchases.

These tokens can only be used on Spectiv and they can only be acquired through ad rewards and/or direct purchasing from within the platform. There are to be three denominations:

Gold Spec: $0.10 | Silver Spec: $0.05 | Bronze Spec: $0.01

  • Signal Tokens (Sigs)

Sigs are the decentralized token that will be used to generate unique signals to virtual reality content on the Spectiv platform. Signal generators will be able to earn Sigs in return for successfully increasing viewership; this will serve as an incentive to share and promote the VR content and accelerate virtual reality adoption into the mainstream. Sigs are to be issued through the ICO crowdsale at a fixed price of 1 Sig = $0.50.


  • Live Events

Virtual reality live streams of music concerts and sporting events among other things brought direct to you from the best seat in the house to create an engaging perspective.

  • Community-Driven

A community will be formed by people from anywhere in the world sharing VR experiences. Spectiv is unique in that it enables users to stream experiences using their personal VR equipment.

  • Spectiv Original

Spectiv will create VR content with its partners using the latest tools and applications. It will aim to be the benchmark of quality in virtual reality content.

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