SocialMedia.Market review

The idea of tapping into the digital market that’s worth over $77 billion USD, by targeting a unique niche of over 3 billion social media influencers is intriguing.

Everyone is connected somehow to the internet and this makes it easy to reach many individuals on a global scale. However, the bridge between bloggers or social media users and brands who use their influence in publicizing their products is complicated and filled with mistrusting intermediaries who make the business of social media marketing unpleasant.

The current system has fraud, unregulated management operations, inefficient payment systems and lack of transparency plaguing it. Besides, there are no standard benchmarks that could be used to measure the quality of work done by social media influencers other than the statistics they present.

SocialMedia.Market is disrupting the social media marketplace by introducing a non-intermediary platform where bloggers can meet with advertisers and directly sell their services; on the other hand, the advertisers can monitor in real-time the progress and value of the services being rendered to them in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

This new ecosystem which will be driven by the blockchain technology – a symbol of trust and transparency of itself – will empower both sides of the business trade to maximize the opportunities presented to them and optimize the results thereof.

They have completed the first phase of their crowdsale, which held between 20th November and 20th December of last year, achieving their softcap. So far, their second phase softcap has been reached also. The project really shows promise with a community support of over 7,500 people.


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