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Blockchain has become a principal tool in advancing technological development, which has inspired many AI-based systems especially those of the deep learning infrastructures. One of such derivatives to be conceived is the proposed medical diagnostic system currently being developed by the Skychain team. By incorporating blockchain PoS mining features, they intend to build neural network training and calculation modules that are applicable to the healthcare service industry.

This system is expected to aid medical professionals with diagnostic patterns and shared history algorithms. The team will attempt to achieve this by bringing together the key stakeholders in the healthcare AI market to compile big-data sets that can be used to train their basic AI system.

The Skychain platform will serve as an immutable and consistent repository of such data sets that can be assessed by any one of the consumer lot. Their proposed solution to quick and efficient diagnostic tool can find expression and wider applications within the medical field.

As a ‘medical assistant’, the product draws the doctor’s attention to diagnostic data that has been refined by the AI system composed of neural networks, which invariably can be further analyzed by the human expert to draw further conclusions. The data which can be drawn in a fraction of seconds is by no means a substitute to the expert’s inference but helps to point out relevant data set that might elude the doctor, because of its advantage of access to big-data that are stored on its blockchain based neural network.

It currently functions in an ideal situation, however, with the ability to evolve through machine learning algorithms, it can adapt to more plausible use cases in the medical field. The optimism is that someday, it will become an effective tool to aid doctors in diagnosing patients with a 100 percentile accuracy and also help insurance companies cut back on undue expenses.

Their TGE is expected to run from February 26 to March 31, 2018. They will be offering a one-time 30 million SGC tokens (which are ERC20 utility tokens) to raise funds for further development of the platform.

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