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The popularity of cryptocurrency has exposed them to versatile usages surrounding peer-to-peer trading activities. Many people holding cryptocurrencies are doing so because of the potential they perceive the coin will soon have. While this can be true, others pride themselves on displaying their trading prowess.

Trading of cryptocurrencies is all about binaries and trends which constitute big, complex data that is quite impossible to process at a natural state.
Signals network is an ERC-20 standard token which is built for the exceptional trader to substantially reduce the rate of losses and almost making cryptotrading risk free.

They bank on the premise that machine has no emotional fortitude and is programmed to execute logic at all cost. This goes a long way to replace one outstanding factor to why many traders lose it all – human nature. This nature includes such things as emotion, fatigue, attention-span and limited brain capacity to process complex financial algorithmic computations.

According to Signal Network, what they offer is the opportunity for traders to grow with the system while maximizing the potential returns with their tools, as it would seem that cryptocurrencies are here to stay a little while longer and trading them is soon to become a global culture.

The beauty of the proposed platform design is the provision for people with no technical knowledge or advantage to exploit the functions of the platform as though they were experts.

Their token – SGN, will function primarily as a utility token, granting the holder/users of the platform access to the various services within the platform.

Their token sale is to commence with a presale scheduled for November 22, 2017, lasting for 30 days and having a maximum contribution for the phase set at $500,000 USD with 30% incentive bonus offers. The main sale is planned for the 26th of February. The main sale has a hard cap of $18,000,000 USD, more so, the overall cap for the project has been set at $18,500,000 USD. The minimum contribution needed for the project to be carried out is $2,000,000 USD.

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