Signal Trading review

The Signal Application, which is mobile and web-based, is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency trading tool.

It will provide both brand new and experienced traders with the same data that colossal multi-national companies have access to – data which guides their decisions in the trading world.

Advanced algorithmic trading will be coupled with comprehensive analysis of the user’s unique profile on the Signal platform. Together, these will combine to offer alerts to traders when a cryptocurrency it believes is suitable (for the investor) is highlighting behaviour making it favourable to purchase. Additionally, this ensures that traders do not receive alerts on coins which they are not interested in.

Signal will also deliver an optional subscription-based service where traders can get access to privileged trading statistics and metrics which are not available anywhere else.

These are the core values under which Signal Trading operates:

  • Knowledge of market trends and other key aspects related to trading.
  • Security which is offered with blockchain technology. Transactions cannot be tampered with once the data is in the ledger.
  • Accessibility of clear and easy to understand data which traders can act upon effectively.
  • Accuracy of information provided by Signal is vital to the success of the application and its users and it is therefore paramount.
  • Technology which is highly-advanced and not generally available to every day traders/investors – Signal delivers this to its clients.


  • Personalized Alerts

Receive notifications when a coin is exhibiting strong buy potential based on the investor profile.

  • Market Crawl

Scan the cryptocurrency market at the macro level.

  • Market Capitalization

View digital currencies listed in terms of market capitalization.

  • Real Time Statistics

Click a coin to view its page, complete with up-to-date statistics not available anywhere else, news articles and price graphs.

  • Exchange Metrics

Browse pages dedicated to major exchange markets, with real-time statistics relating to that exchange’s coin volume and activity levels.

  • Customizable Graphs

Study and customize price and volume graphs of individual coins, as well as the overall cryptocurrency market.

  • News

Remain up-to-date on the most recent cryptocurrency news from around the world.

  • ICO Tracker

Stay informed on initial coin offerings beginning and end dates.

  • Subscriber Benefits

Track your own portfolio’s progress, receive performance reports, follow coins or exchanges and receive free premium alerts, and much more.

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