Saske review

Saske is decentralized blockchain social connectivity platform. To be clear, Saske is not a social media platform in itself – it is an aggregator of more than 100 social communications platforms, tools, apps, etc which are commonly used today.

The founders, Nexus Labs, wish to bring the knowledge and benefits of crypto currencies to everyday people. Through the lightweight Saske mobile app, which connects all these media and communication channels, a simple, fluid B2C marketing exchange can prosper and partnerships can be built.

Additionally, Saske will introduce a revolutionary tiered Reward System for all active users on the platform. Digital marketers, start-ups, businesses large and small and everyone else will be able to utilize this blockchain technology and reduce the cost of financial transactions in the process.


Some of the ways Saske will bring benefit are:

  • It will enable actors and allies, regardless of location and social/economic status, to earn SXAS tokens which can easily be converted into fiat money if required.
  • Saske will become a directory for people/businesses looking to form win-win partnerships
  • It will create a seamless network of connectivity through more than 100 social communication channels.
  • Guaranteed security using the Waves Wallet.
  • Trading in SXAS tokens will remove transaction fees for everyone. In many ways this is based on the WeChat Wallet which is massively popular in China. Instead of using paper money, transactions are completed through a user’s mobile device and their wallet.

Active users of the platform will be paid in SXAS. These are a few of the ways everyone can earn by using Saske:

  • Commenting on blogs
  • Video sharing on YouTube
  • Chatting through messenger apps
  • Retweeting on Twitter
  • Participating in forums

These actions will form the basis of the rewards system. It is tiered in that the more social communications channels are person uses, the more they will earn.

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