REGA review

REGA is a risk-sharing platform aimed at redefining the insurance industry. The concept is rather simple, people form as part of the REGA community and through their pooled contributions they protect one another. REGA has labeled this as “Crowdsurance”.

The shared-risk concept is the fundamental difference between REGA and current traditional insurance companies and brokers which people are familiar with. The community provides a guarantee of compensation when a claim has to be made.

The plan is for REGA to provide a Super Pool capacity which covers the risks of own and third-party products. These products will first be fully assessed to ensure they match with REGA’s risk management standards. Part of the reasoning behind the ICO is to raise capital so REGA is able to develop a community of experts to expand its risk management services into other areas. Additionally, the REGA tokens (RST) can be used as payment for any of the products offered on the platform.

Its risk management tools include; accurate scoring models, control of fund reserves and a voting system for RST holders. There will be insurance reserves (pools) in place which will make payments on uninsured events. Plus, REGA has implemented an anti-fraud add-on so the system cannot be manipulated.


As a starting point, REGA will introduce 5 common products and services which are generally covered by traditional insurance. They are:

  • Pet (Lexi Club)

Pet insurance is today very common, especially among Western countries. The founders believe the market volume to be in excess of 100 million USD with estimated growth at 4% per year. The Lexi Club policy pays up to 80% back on vets bills and 50% is returned if no claim is made.

  • Car

Investment in the car insurance pool protects the car owner from repair bills in the event of an accident. Latest technology such as drones will be deployed to survey the scene of the accident – taking photos and recording video. The information is then fed into the system where a decision will be made, and it is then correlated with the smart contract.

  • Gadget

Whilst primarily for mobile phones and tablets, this insurance category covers other gadgets such as cameras and drones. An investment of 2.5% of the gadget’s price will provide cover for a number of selected risks/malfunctions.

  • Property

REGA will also offer real estate crowdsurance. This is a very large market and by working as a risk-sharing community the founders believe the potential savings are huge. Again, the use of drones and other smart technology will assist in checking a property’s damage and condition.

  • Health

Covering both life and general health insurance, REGA sees this as the biggest market of all. It will utilize modern devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers and other health applications to provide the required parametric data to offer accurate scoring models. Therefore, offering a fair price for every participant.

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