Privatix review

The Privatix Network is a completely decentralized and 100% autonomous peer-to-peer Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s built on blockchain and it incorporates an internet bandwidth marketplace that is powered by an advanced crypto-economy. Privatix will also develop a number of other network-based products for its platform aimed at improving the efficiency of the internet.

Privatix is already an established and profitable company that was founded in 2015 by a group of IT entrepreneurs and web developers. The team has a wealth of experience in the fields of cyber security and other privacy-related services.

The purpose of this ICO is to raise funds for the development and promotion of these new products and services. Its cryptocurrency, the PRIX token, will have an infrastructural function and due to it being of limited amount (hard capped), the token’s value is expected to increase as more people use the Privatix platform and its services.


Listed below are the proof-of-concept (POC) products and services Privatix will provide:

  • Agent – cross-platform software for exit nodes owners

This lightweight piece of software is the primary component of the Privatix VPN project as it will allow agents to join the Network and sell their unused bandwidth.

The user (now an agent) will have full control over how much traffic he/she wishes to share. Once connected to the system, the IP address is logged and other users will be able to connect via him/her.

Payment will be made in PRIX tokens which can be sold on the exchange or requested as a withdrawal in fiat currency.

  • Cross-platform VPN service utilizing blockchain with DPI-free protocol

Classic VPN providers use dedicated servers located around the world. This means they can still be restricted using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) blockers.

Privatix, by using millions of exit nodes, offers a solution to this problem. Furthermore the user will benefit from the best speeds supplied by the legion of agents. There is the option to become a peer on the platform which works on a give-and-take basis. If the peer shares more traffic than he takes, then he will earn commission; however, it he does not, then he will have to pay.

  • Advanced Proxy / Socks selling API platform

The established network of thousands or even millions of exit nodes will offer countless residential IP addresses.

These are used daily by a range of companies to improve their marketing and ad campaigns, so the bandwidth for sale will be in high demand.

  • Decentralized CDN

With modern content becoming heavier, and in-turn more expensive, Privatix believes it can offer an improved CDN through the large network of exit nodes (agents) on its platform.

  • Box – Portable VPN Router

It is a cutting-edge DD-WRT router which has been pre-configured to allow connection to the Privatix Network, either as a buyer or seller. This not only removes the need to install any software on your device but it is also portable, so ideal for traveling.

  • FAAS – anti-censorship solution

The aim is to develop powerful SDKs which will remove any concerns from developers that their app may be blocked in certain countries. There will be a mobile SDK so developers can re-route traffic via the VPN network.

  • Monetize – a mobile apps and software monetization

Paid subscriptions and ad placement are common methods of generating revenue online but both methods turn many visitors away.

Privatix will offer developers an SDK to assist in monetization by registering them as an agent (exit node) so they can sell their own idle bandwidth.

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