Polymath ICO Review

One common premise for all decentralized token sale is the need to state categorically that they aren’t offering securities. In fact, those who did offer securities under the guise of utility tokens did get penalized by the law. You would agree that too many crypto projects that currently exist could do better as securities, however, because they don’t want to attract attention from the SEC they rather stay as utility tokens.

And this has created a limitation to the financial capital markets for a lot of crypto tokens. A deep gulf exists between financial securities and the blockchain and there is currently no decentralized platform that is capable of bridging this gap to enable the full potential of the blockchain enterprise, until Polymath that is.

Polymath is the next best thing since the creation of blockchain and smart contracts – at least for financial market purposes.

They are of the opinion that stocks, bonds, private equity, venture capital and other categories of traditional finance can function much better as programmable tokens that are more accessible, liquid and secure when the blockchain technology is used.

What they aim to achieve is to move the current state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency system to a mainstream financial investment usage by amplifying the participants’ role (the current crypto enthusiasts and user) into the larger financial economy from being just token holders to shareholders of larger real-world companies.

Their solution is to usher in a new form of ICOs called STOs (security Token Offers), upgrading financial products in the traditional investment circles of the real-world into tokens, and they aim to achieve this feat by making the legal challenges facing current ICO conventions and compliance issues less burdensome.

One simple sense I can derive from this concept is that they want to create a platform that drives ‘regularized’ token sales from a decentralized perspective, and therefore create a whole new ecosystem of financial investment & inclusion that is borderless.

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