PlexCoin review

The PlexCoin project aims to introduce a completely decentralized, open source cryptocurrency and crypto asset management system.

As well as the PlexCoin currency itself, there will also be a PlexCard which can be used the same as any other credit/debit cards. This will be accepted worldwide through a number of partnerships the founders, PlexCorp, have set up.

Furthermore, the heart of the project is essentially the PlexBank. This will function like a traditional bank account with the difference being it is totally anonymous. There is also the PlexWallet that will provide an exchange for PlexCoins. It will accept numerous other crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH and LTE, as well as fiat money in the form of USD, CAD and EUR.

PlexCoin promises to reduce all transaction times to seconds; making it a currency which can be used instantly – this is different to Bitcoin which takes up to 45 minutes to process a single transaction.

These are the main benefits which PlexCorp believes its project will offer:

  • PlexCoin Repurchase

Via the PlexWallet, users can buy and sell PlexCoin. If money is required in traditional paper currency, this process can be done quickly and easily. There is no need to go through a third-party exchange.

  • Stability

Based on the Ethereum blockchain network provides PlexCoin with one of the most stable platforms around. Ethereum smart contracts can be utilized plus the platform is free from downtime, fraud or any third-party interference.

  • Services

The project includes multiple services such as the PlexWallet for managing PlexCoins. The PlexCard allows users to spend money anywhere in the world and the PlexBank provides a place to secure currency value and give investment.

  • Multi-currency

Users can buy and sell PlexCoin using several leading crypto currencies. Also the PlexCard will allow instant cash withdrawals from certain ATMs around the world.


  • PlexWallet

The PlexWallet allows users unrestricted freedom to control and manage their money. The user can transfer funds from anywhere in the world within seconds without minimum and maximum limits being imposed.

The PlexWallet also acts as a marketplace to buy and sell PlexCoin as well as providing a service where the users can pay bills and give money to registered contacts. Each transaction made is free of charges and it uses the latest technology to keep it 100% secure and anonymous.

  • PlexCard

A user’s PlexCard will function like a VISA card. It can be used worldwide to purchase goods and withdraw paper, fiat currency from special affiliated ATMs.

The PlexCard is to be issued by a sister company of VISA to maintain total anonymity for all users. There will also be a PlexCoin bonus scheme which will reward usage of the PlexCard in the form of extra PlexCoins.

  • PlexBank

This is basically the center point of the PlexCoin project. The PlexBank allows full control to manage a variety of crypto currencies in one central place.

The PlexCard will be connected to the PlexBank which will permit users to send and receive payments, plus it will also hold any bonuses earned.

A feature which PlexBank offers is the innovation of securing the value of the user’s crypto currencies. With one click the value of the asset can be frozen so the user is not affected by any price decreases. This adds peace of mind in such a volatile marketplace.

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