OneGame ICO Review

The virtual world is increasingly becoming a more acceptable terrain for social and economic development. More so, interests in the social, entertainment and research-inclined benefits of virtual enterprises have had a sudden surge in the recent years, especially with the advent of blockchain technology to enhance the features thereof, the industry is indeed growing at an intriguing speed.

Video gaming is one of the aspects of virtual-space technology that has revealed itself as a huge potential for economic growth, with 3D applications creating more real experiences for games, the excitement has only increased all the more.

However, the outstanding problems still surface despite the level of improvement of game experiences so far. Problems like the limitations in the flexibility of game experiences; such that users have to adhere to a sequence of pre-programmed or pre-planned scenarios within the game environment.

OneGame which is inspired by Decentraland, presents a solution to this crucial problem – a self-evolving ecosystem of gamers who are equipped with tools in a decentralized virtual gaming environment and are free to handle the development of game experience themselves.

What it truly offers is a limitless toolkit for users’ creativity to enhance gaming experiences of all the members of the ecosystem. The whole community and activity will be driven by the cryptocurrency.

An important feature of this platform is its ability to sustain a decentralized governance, thereby leveraging blockchain to disrupt power control from developers and designers.

The proposed platform will be accessible through PC, VR and even mobile device compatible, making it accessible to all and sundry in the game entertainment industry.

OGT is the platform’s utility token, which is ERC20 compliant and will be sold during their crowdsale in two phases: the pre-sale running from May 11th, 2018 through July 1st, 2018, the other phase will be scheduled for Q3 and Q4 of 2018. About 40% of the 10 billion tokens to be emitted will be sold until a hard cap of $15 million USD is reached or at least $4 million is raised for the development of the platform.

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