Mirocana review

The central idea behind Mirocana is that they are developing artificial intelligence to be able to use it to predict markets, patterns and trends that are based off of what they call “neural networks”. Their plans are to adapt to any market, whether that is currency, fiat, stocks, cryptocurrency, and maybe other fields in the future. They believe in the idea of transparency and the direction that the world is headed with blockchain technology is and will certainly be transparent. We are entering a new paradigm where many of the obsolete systems we have in place will no longer have a purpose and hopefully this will allow us to evolve and focus our time and energy on more relevant subjects.

This project and the technology they are developing is truly intelligent because it was created to be dynamic, constantly evolving, learning, and adapting. This will be an incredibly useful tool for studying trends. If investors could identify highs and lows of the market based off of AI precision, it might just make most people’s skills look childish and inaccurate. Though, this is all speculation at this point, but the idea behind the project has potential to revolutionize all markets as we know them.


There are many issues with the unpredictability and volatility with markets. Some people are able to benefit from this aspect and many of those that invest can end up losing a lot. By integrating a dynamic, fast learning artificial intelligence to be able to break down trends and patterns and have them dialed into a mathematically precise algorithm leaves less room for large error. On their website, they mention that Mirocana will basically be on auto-pilot once it is launched. That means that it runs twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. While it is running it will be auto-calculating and adapting about every five seconds. The other solution that this project provides managing your funds for you in your account, whether that is your wallet or an exchange. They have stated that you will be able to see and monitor all of your positions in real-time.

It is setup to work pretty simple and developed to be user-friendly. All you would do is create a broker account (on the listed exchanges that they support) and then you would make a new account on Mirocana. You can then set the amount of ROI that you would like or yearly percentage. It will then calculate what your potential risks and gains could be. Then, once you have engaged, you will be able to track your progress and follow it in real-time. Of course there is and will be opposed viewpoints with AI and AI run programs/platforms like this, but if they are able to deliver what they share, it will truly be profound and something to at least witness.


The founder/CEO of this project is George Petrov. He has a background with informational technology and his positions in the past included being a developer and a data scientist. There is not too much information on their website showing an extensive background with him, as he is also young, which could cause some questioning if he is able to handle such a project like this. It does not mean he couldn’t handle it, as all diamonds are made under pressure. It would be nice to see something like this just from a purely experimental point of view.

Looking at the rest of the team, they have a pretty well-balanced crew. We are looking at operations, marketing, developers, coders, analysts, strategists, and also a nice group of advisors. They have six advisors up their board that are involved in such companies as InvestFeed and CryptoPay. Overall, it looks like they have quite a diverse team and set of skills to make it possible to execute this plan.


They have been featured in several different articles from different sources like Bitcoin.com, NewsBTC.com, and some others. Their social media presence is not too large, yet. They are on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Telegram and BitcoinTalk. On their Facebook, they have about 5000 likes on their fan page and only about 1,200 followers on Twitter. Their BitcoinTalk Ann Thread has caught quite some attention and has also received a good amount of feedback. They have a really clean announcement thread, compared to many other endeavors, which probably helped them to gain some traction here.

Once again, like many other projects, if they are able to develop their online presence a bit more and grow their community, they should be able to take off. They are posting updates almost everyday, which is so great to see a manifested vision that is constantly giving its investors frequent updates. This will certainly work well in their favor.

Bounty Program

The bounty program for Mirocana is quite basic. It just looks like they are offering bounties for being involved on their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and BitcoinTalk. It is not extensive or does it offer very many packages. This could perhaps be why their following is not that great. To be a new project that is hitting the market, especially utilizing a great platform like BitcoinTalk, you really need to bring something new to the people. You need to be able to offer unique bounty programs that get people more interested and involved in what you are doing.

That is something that I cannot stress enough to all of these new ICOs. Take a small percent of your token distribution funds and dedicate it solely to bounty programs. There is no better form of marketing and benefit for both parties. You are actually adding value to world of crypto and to the community, not to mention, you are fueling your project.


Mirocana’s roadmap is listed on their website from 2017 to 2020. In Q4 of 2017, their plans are to create a demo of their product/platform to show people what it would look like and also finish their token sale. In 2018, their plans cover everything from launching many different aspects of their product/platform to launching their market. 2018 seems to be the big year for them as they will really begin implementing their platform and presenting it to the world. In 2019, they will be releasing their apps, a miner program, and also refining their system. In 2020, they just mentioned that they will continue to grow and expand and they also provided a pretty impressive fifteen year plan at the bottom of their roadmap on the website.


Security is certainly a risk when you are using artificial intelligence and also anything involved currency or finances. Mirocana has a lot of the technical details in documents they provide on their website. This includes smart contracts security. You can download this document from GitHub with the link they provide on their “Company” menu. This explains in details how this platform will run and also the security risks, along with the protocol. It seems they have their security problems and solutions well under control and it’s also nice to know that the CEO of this company used to be a director for a security information company. That should also give some investors a bit of confidence in this company’s security systems.

Pros and Cons


  • Mirocana is developing and implementing a new system that could change the way investors invest
  • Artificial Intelligence brings new value to the blockchain, if managed and run well
  • Their ICO Token Sale has almost reached their 2000 ETH goal (currently 1933 at the time of this article)
  • Lots of well-planned strategies and information along with a 15 year plan


  • There is no live product or fully functioning model deployed publicly yet
  • The social media following of Mirocana is quite small and could certainly invest some more energy into marketing
  • The team looks skilled, but not much information on bigger projects from the past
  • The WhitePaper is only available in 4 languages. If they would have added to their bounty program, they could have had a lot of help from the community in spreading this vision world-wide
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