MiniApps review

Most people in the world that are involved in business or can see the operations of a business know that customer service can require a lot of people and resources for the company. For example, if you are a small company and don’t have many workers yet, you have to handle almost everything. That also includes customer service. How can one person or several people be in many places at once? Well, you can’t. That’s where MiniApps comes into play. They are developing bots built on the blockchain to handle customer service requests and many other types of appropriate protocols.

MiniApps is a really interesting project in the sense that they, like many others, advocate the use of blockchain technology for industries that have yet to evolve and utilize this tool. The idea behind their project is that they want to be the bridge to the smaller businesses that once only big, powerful corporations had access to these means. This, in turn, would make the companies be able to grow at a much more rapid rate and then also hire people for other positions in the company.


Well, first off, the biggest problem is that only big companies have access to tools like this. So, that’s where they come in to give smaller projects access to the same resources. This is currently a live feature they have on their website. You can build and test the functionality of these chat-bots (over 35,000 already made).

They have over 1 billion hits in monthly traffic, which should show you there is an incredible interest in this project. I believe we can expect this platform to do really well because it not only sees the problem, but is already providing an active solution as well. One can only image that they will be evolving rapidly and constantly improving the user experience and abilities of their bots.


Impressively, their team has already been working together for longer than fifteen years. There are 3 co-founders on the team of MiniApps. The main founder, Vitaly Gumirov has over twenty five years of developing experience in the field of information technology. His partner, Yuri Peshkichev actually started another successful company. So, both of them have experience of running a successful company and being partners already. The rest of their team is filled to the brim with well-seasoned tech experts and developers.

Most of their team members have LinedIn profiles that you can go and check out, including most of the nine advisors they have as well. It looks like they are ready to roll. Their current ICO sales results, at the moment, show that there is something big being born here. There is no doubt they can achieve their goal as a company, it’s just a matter of time. Considering the fact that they already have a platform, shows their skill and commitment and it is also apparent they are ready to take it to the next level.


This project is moderately covered on social media, though they have a lot of social media outlets. This is always a key point in finding investors. Investors want to know that the company is active and building a solid community. They don’t want to wait one month for one update. The team has two Telegram channels, Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, YouTube and they are also on Medium.

Their social media is not booming by any means yet, but they seem to have a good foundation and are constantly growing. If they can deliver this project in a universal way to appeal to the masses, their social media following will surely boom. The website statistics are pretty impressive, though. With a great platform and great ideas so far, now they just need to get it out there.

Bounty Program

They currently have a referral program on the website and also more options for bounties on their BitcoinTalk Ann Thread. At the moment, they offer bounties for WhitePaper translations and social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.). If you are interested in doing something special for the bounty programs, you can also email them on their website.

MiniApps Roadmap

On their roadmap, they list checkpoints that they already passed and those to come, starting from 2016 all the way until 2020. February 2016 was the birth of this project. In May, they had their first commercial launch and in September, they already had more than one thousand developers. The following year, in March, they worked on their scaling plans for the company. In August 2017, their Pre-TGE began. On October 18th 2017, the MiniApps Token Sale launched. On December 19th, they will be able to activate their tokens and join another reward program.

In 2018, starting with the month of March, the plan is for MAT (MiniApps Token) to hit exchanges. Also, in March, they will work on and share some of their referral programs for those that participated in the token sale and they will also be releasing their chatbot templates for people to begin to experiment with their platform. In August 2018, they will launch their official marketplace. The first beta release will be in September, following that will be their beta release of version 2 (March 2019) and version 3 (September 2019). Lastly, their final release to the public will be in March of 2020.


Security is always a threat, but is relevant in this case as well. If you had chatbots running and their security systems weren’t well protected, then in theory, you could have a competitor with ill intentions hack them and destroy your companies reputation possibly permanently or just temporarily. Either way, it is certainly a concern and must be addressed.

According to their WhitePaper, they make it clear that their systems are at risk for hacks, viruses and such. That could cause some problems for the users, both big and small. They offer no assurance in case something like this would happen. It would most likely affect the token holders, but they cannot say how. All in all, security seems to be a bit of a concern of this project or at least how they make it seem according to their provided information.

Pros and Cons:


  • Already a test platform/product
  • Team has experience with IT and running successful businesses together
  • Over 1 billion monthly hits on the website
  • Very open to global collaboration


  • Their social media presence is small, though the community for testing the chatbots is growing bigger
  • The Roadmap mentions that the final product will not be launched until year 2020
  • Security seems to be a big issue mentioned the WhitePaper and they offer no assurance
  • The softcap on their token sale has not been met yet

Overall analysis of MiniApps

Overall, it seems that MiniApps has a lot of potential to achieve something new for a lot of people and small businesses that will really change how things are done in the future. The team looks fully capable of handling all of the necessary tasks to make this project a success. They really need some work on their delivery to the public with content and social media communities, but this all takes time and is a process.

From the looks of it, they have a good amount of time to fully develop the product that they are looking to wow the world with. If they continue at this rate, in pure speculation, it may be likely that they will hit their softcap for their token sale and that would really speed up the process. It would be great to see some samples of the work and other big cryptocurrency projects utilizing their tools as well.

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