Midex ICO Review

One of the major problems still experienced in the crypto world is the perception that cryptocurrencies are a hoax. This truly leaves a bitter taste behind, especially when cryptocurrency regulations are still undecided.

What Midex understands from this problem is that most people are not well acquainted with blockchain technologies and derivative potential of cryptocurrencies. Hence, this leads to volatility and instability issues.

The solution proposed is the practical mainstream usage of cryptocurrency by adopting the banking operation model. They want to create something like a cryptocurrency bank which offers services similar to those obtained in the banking halls.

The complex of services to be offered on this platform is huge and could speed up the motion for mass adoption. Such services as cryptocurrency exchange web and mobile platforms, reliable escrow systems based on smart contracts, cashless instruments, ICO center for crowding projects, financial investment instruments, credit marketplace and efficient payment system.

They would also have to link with other banking systems – resulting in an efficient and dependable cross blockchain based financial platform. in simple terms they will be creating a cryptocurrency gateway, just like a master card and visa, only this time it would be cryptocurrencies which can be transacted across multiple financial systems – especially that of the banks.

The ‘bank’ must have been chosen because most people depend on the integrity and reputation of banks which has been built for a very long period of time.

Midex ecosystem will comprise of investors, traders, individual/corporate businesses and normal people who will buy cryptocurrencies and trade them for real currencies in the real world.

Their currently ongoing ICO aims at selling 75 million MDX tokens at the rate of 0.00114ETH to 1 MDX.

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