Mark.Space review

It seems that everything in technology is headed in the virtual reality direction, being able to access such powerful informational realms from the comfort and privacy of your own home. We are seeing many VR projects emerge and many are utilizing them for gaming, e-commerce, real estate, and so on. Mark.Space predicts that by the year 2021, the virtual reality economy will be generating about 215 billion dollars annually. So, what is Mark.Space?

They are building what they claim to be the “Next Generation Internet”. This includes integrating virtual reality into the existing space of just about every digital frontier: e-commerce, entertainment, education, and anything you can imagine. All of this will be open-sourced and built on top of the blockchain technology. We are looking at the possibility of the internet as we know it, now being in 3D.

Mark.Space is creating a platform and a means to be able to take the internet to the next level. Their team and advisors on this startup are quite skilled and judging by their past projects, are very capable of pulling off this project. This one now is currently under the radar but could be expected to take off as soon as the public learns what this team is planning and their impressive vision of what the internet could be.

During their pre-sale, they have successfully raised over 6 million USD. Their ICO Crowd-sale will start on January 23rd (2018).

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