Live Stars review

Live Stars is a cryptocurrency project that is developing a live streaming media platform that will improve experiences for both the “star” and the viewer(s). Their goals are to be the best in the industry and help weed out all of the obsolescent webcam entertainment platforms that are in the same field of interest that have not upgraded to integrate a blockchain technology. Their goals also include being more open and transparent about the whole process, which is why they have turned to blockchain for the solution.

Live Stars wants to show the customers clearly the open ledger and where exactly their funds are going. They are going to support the “stars” or the people that are recording the videos and live streams. The reason why this is important is that many outlets like YouTube make it almost impossible for the content creators to benefit from their own content and videos. Many people have walked away from such centralized platforms and are having to turn to Patreon as an example to accept donations to continue to follow their dreams.

Live Stars will integrate a fully automated system that is also open source and can basically run on auto-pilot, with the occasional checkups and maintenance. Their system is also fully anonymous where none of the customer’s personal data will be stored or accessible. So, what makes Live Stars stand out? They are working to not just create a better experience for the viewer, but also the creator or the “star”.

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