Koios ICO Review

Since the advent of advanced technology and artificial intelligence modules, human activities have been optimized to a great deal, this is because these techs have reduced errors due to human limitations. On the surface, it may not seem much, but at the core of the machine’s operations is an integral function so massive that has more reliable use than the current application could suffice.

Artificial Intelligence covers a wide range of science and economic applications; however, problems exist with the adoption into real-life practical day to day affair on a wider scale such that it would be available and accessible in the plain market. The major limitations include the high cost of setting up a research facility; total cost in making the essential programmable requirements could be quite expensive to be let loose in the ordinary market.

Another challenge with this industry is the human resource capital, which goes without saying that there are very few people who are invested in it, they are hard to find and therefore the industry suffers from the lack of competent developers comparatively.

The solutions provided by the KOIOS is meant to alleviate these problems and clear the airways for the development of AI products on a global scale to increase its production, usage, and adoption.

What they intend to build, is an ecosystem where members can ‘rent’ their CPU power to contributing to the development of AI creations through the platforms core products.

They want to raise a sum within the range of $5 million USD and $40 million USD by selling 400 million of their total of 1 billion KOI tokens that would be emitted.

Pros and cons


  • This project is quite innovative and can bring about a revolutionary AI development platform.
  • Their platform shows viable prospects of an accelerated AI dependent ecosystem.


  • The blockchain technology is still in its infancy and currently, adoption of a model like this can take a while to sink into investors’ minds in terms of ROI.
  • Some other decentralized AI-based systems are well ahead of them in their crowdsale.

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