Kencoin review

Kencoin is a new cryptocurrency which has been specifically designed for use in the online adult entertainment and dating industry. It guarantees users 100% anonymity, safety and security, meaning no personal details are ever shared between user and service provider.

The online adult entertainment industry suffers from an exceptionally high drop-out rate (80% – 90%) when customers reach the sign-up/payment section where name and banking  details are required. Kencoin, through blockchain technology will solve this problem because, as mentioned above, no personal information is exchanged.

Kencoin has already integrated several well-known service providers such as Eva Luna, Swing-Room and Live-Cam Gay which will be ready and available to accept its cryptocurrency. Collectively, these partner sites, which span a range of niches within the industry, account for 12,500,000 unique IP visits every month. This gives Kencoin an instant market to target, many of whom will see the value in the service this specific cryptocurrency provides.

Furthermore, Kencoin is usable offline at selected establishments through a user’s mobile cryptocurrency wallet.


  • Total Anonymity

A user’s cryptocurrency wallet is anonymous by design. Also, the service providers which Kencoin has partnered with do not require any sign-ups or registrations. Absolutely no information is handed-over so a user’s identity is never known.

  • Little or No Fees

One of the advantages of using crypto currencies is that the transaction fees are dramatically reduced compared to more traditional means. Acceptence and storage of Kencoins is free, a small charge may be applied for transactions from user to service provider.

  • Free of Chargeback Risks

Kencoin removes the issue of chargebacks for the merchant by protecting all payments through its network. This is a great incentive for providers to join the project which will help it diversify.

  • Complete Validation

The Kencoin Core is responsible to ensure each transaction and block is valid. This increases the platform’s security and also fends off attacks from miners and banking organizations.

  • Usable Offline

Via the user’s mobile cryptocurrency wallet, Kencoin will be accepted at certain land-based locations. This will provide the exact same anonymity as if the user were online.

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