Ingot Coin ICO Review

Everyone has got something to change in the financial system, while most of them are unrealistic and conflicting, a select few are genuine and are offering real-world solutions to problems that are plaguing the industry.

INGOT happens to be one of such innovations that could bring about what could be thought to be a revolutionary approach to blockchain admittance into the mainstream financial markets.

The economic industry comprises of investment vehicles and financial corporations present both in the conventional traditional investment circle and in the new era of blockchain enterprises.

The problem identified by the INGOT team is a gross disparity and the level of disconnectedness between the worlds of financial inclusion.

Moreover, barriers exist in such a way as to hinder the full potential of the monetary system, some of which includes lack of transparency and efficiency, high entry barrier, huge transaction fees levied on investors and finally, the silos-effect between crypto and traditional markets.

The solutions being proposed by the INGOT platform is the creation of an ecosystem that links cryptocurrency markets with the traditional investment and economic markets thereby creating a bridge to effectively moderate how these two different ecosystems can coexist and relate with an aim to improve their independent financial prospects and benefits to the investor.

The platform will also feature concepts like inclusive wallets, IC digital bank, IC brokerage, IC ICO accelerator, IC exchange, IC crypto certifier; together, they will constitute the service placeholders for the platform.

They are conducting a TGE to raise a maximum sum of $90 million USD to provide efficient service delivery. However, a minimum of $37 million USD is required for the core development of the project and ensure successive development along the value chain.

Their crowd sale will run in stages with presale started on May 01, 2018 and will last till June 30, 2018, their main sale also comprising of sub stages will commence on July 01, 2018 and end on August 11, 2018.

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