Hackspace Capital review

Hackspace Capital is a company which offers investment and developmental assistance to start-ups producing technology hardware products.

It has formed a strategic partnership with ENCATA (Engineering Catalyst). ENCATA will identify the start-ups which it believes have the most potential and those companies are then passed over to Hackspace to be integrated into the network. Hackspace will assit with partial funding with money raised through the ICO.

By working side-by-side – Hackspace, ENCATA and the start-up company – the project will go from an idea to mass production to full launch. Hackspace and its partners, will provide the start-up with all the support it requires; such as legal, logistical, marketing, research and development, engineering, supervision and sales.

Another part of Hackspace is its online platform and network store. This allows people to purchase services and products which have been manufactured by the Hackspace-funded start-ups.


  • Hackspace Capital ICO

The Hackspace ICO will issue 1 billion HAC Tokens, 51% of these will be available to purchase. The benefit which HAC Tokens offer, compared to many other crypto currencies, is that they are not dependent on the profits of Hackspace – they can be used or traded for actual products or services. This, the founders of Hackspace Capital believe, creates a win-win solution for all investors.

Furthermore, unlike traditional ICOs where investors are backing one project to succeed, Hackspace token holders are not due to the network hosting multiple projects. Owners of HAC Tokens will be able to purchase any product/service which has been created within the Hackspace ecosystem a guaranteed 3 months before the official launch plus the price will be 20% lower than the advertised price. This will create a demand for HAC Tokens and with the limited supply, the price will rise accordingly.


Founded in 2016, ENCATA employs around 100 developers, engineers and designers to assist hardware start-ups in getting their ideas off the ground. Essentially, ENCATA offers an all-in-one solution by providing all the necessary facilities at one location. From the design office to the production of a working model on the factory floor – a start-up can do it all with ENCATA.

It has a very thorough vetting protocol for all new projects, this not only includes the product but also the professionalism shown by the management. Only start-ups which pass this initial assessment are taken as projects. Therefore, ENCATA has a high success ratio for hardware projects which it has worked on.

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