Faceter ICO Review

There’s nothing as soothing in crypto investment as investing in a Team who have valuable and relative experiences, successful track records and a product that already has an MVP, while that certainly does not guarantee success, it sure inspires more confidence than building castles in midair.

Surveillance systems have made it possible to control and also backtrack on events that have happened for witnessing sake – very important law enforcement assets. However, these techs are quite expensive to get and manage if the optimum value is to be expected from them. And worse, if it only records video data, their usage is limited as the video data would need to be analyzed elsewhere.

Hence, for a project like Faceter, the market potential is viable and can serve several useful purposes extending the usages and abilities of current surveillance systems. Their solution is to scale the usage by introducing blockchain features to enable lower prices, data security, privacy, and affordability to consumers through support from miners and advantages of smart contracts.

A catchy phrase given to their product is “giving brains to cameras using enhanced face detection…” So basically, they are including analytical tools that would make the ordinary usage of surveillance products seem redundant. Even with the proposed robust nature of the platform, they still want to maintain the integrity of privacy as people use their products.

By selling 408 million FACE tokens of the total of 1 billion tokens to be supplied, they would be raising funds for developing the project. So far, they realized over 10 million in 20 seconds and have crossed their softcap of selling 50 million FACE tokens; in actuality, they have sold over 235 million Face tokens (over 20,000 ETH raised). The crowdsale is still running until the 30th of March 2018.

Faceter ICO

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