Ethearnal ICO Review

With freelance taking over the white collar jobs, people are becoming more exposed to a natural accruing economy. More people are considering the freelance market because of its potential and ability to create a flexible job opportunity which is quite rewarding.

The problem, however, is centered around how communications are being established in the gig ecosystem. Lack of clarity and transparency causes a lot of problem to this market sphere, and Ethearnal thinks its platform has what it takes to be the panacea to all the problems in the gig ecosystem.

With a reputation dependent system, the platform is able to commit individuals to their contract values. When a smart contract is initiated with reputation stakes vested, everyone has something to lose if they are not completely straightforward with the deal. Therefore, people are more binding to the smart contract than their own word values.

On the other hand, once jobs are executed as expected, more credibility is built and confidence ‘faith in humanity’ is restored. ERT (Ethearnal Reputation Token) will power the system and will represent the staking reputation identity on the platform.

Since the advent of smart contract, most of the business operations that have been hindered due to human nature has been greatly averted and the causes suppressed to a very large degree.

The team behind the project want to do a token sale event where they will be generating the sum of 30,000 ETH to fund the development of the platform. at a base price of 1 ETH to 1,000 ERT, they will attempt to sell 30 million tokens which are 75% of the total of 40 million tokens to be emitted. The TGE has begun on the 28th of February and last through till the 1st of April 2018.

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