EQUI review

In its simplest form, EQUI can be described as a two-way search engine. A user submits a request (known as a ticket), and all the other users subscribed to the chosen category and location will receive a notification of the ticket and then leave feedback.

One of the problems EQUI aims at solving is that of producing search results which are an exact match to the request. For this part, the EQUI platform is using Natural Intelligence – the collective knowledge of human beings.

This is how the flow of information will proceed through the EQUI platform:

  • The Seeker creates and publishes a ticket with details of request.
  • Providers which match with the Seeker’s details will receive a push notification through the EQUI mobile app.
  • Provider(s) then go to the feed, view the request in full and leave a comment.
  • Wait for feedback from the Seeker.
  • Communication begins between Seeker and Buyer. This can only be started by the Seeker. The buyer cannot initiate the conversation.

The ICO offering comes as part of EQUI Business. This is a paid subscription-based platform which operates within the EQUI network. All payments made via this platform will be done with EQUI Tokens (issued and based on the Waves platform).


In essence, EQUI Business is designed for providers to move their business up to the next level. Therefore, EQUI has developed a number of business tools to assist its users, these include:

• EQUI Store
This is basically an online store which is built into the EQUI platform. While standard providers can still use EQUI, the advantages of being a business subscriber are that when a ticket is submitted, a store owner can offer smart links to products in their store. With the store being built into the platform, the user does not need to leave the app to find out all the details of what the store offers.

• EQUI Workshop
If you consider the EQUI Store as a location used for products, then the EQUI Workshop is where a business’s services are promoted. This feature comes equipped with a variety of templates for subscribers to chosen from. However, it is also possible to create custom templates for a service, additionally, these templates can be sold (on a subscription basis) to other EQUI Business users.

• EQUI Backoffice
The EQUI Backoffice is a powerful all-in-one tool designed to maximze efficiency for the business owner. It includes:

  • Stock control
  • Bookkeeping integration
  • Customizable invoicing tools
  • Automated payment systems
  • Reports and analytics

• EQUI Teams
This feature enhances collaboration and communication both internally within a business, as well as making communication between business and customer seamless through the platform.

• Trading Platform
This is still in its developmental phase with a plan to implement it in the future. The aim is to open up the world of trading to everyone – no matter how small.

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