EOS review

The EOS.IO software introduces a new type of blockchain architecture. EOS enables decentralized applications of both a vertical and horizontal scaling nature. This has been achieved by developing a type of operating system-like design within which blockchain applications are able to be built.

EOS with this blockchain architecture is able to process millions of transactions every second, and the decentralization aspect means that traditional fees can be erased by using crypto currencies. This is blended with the software offering secure accounts, verifiable authentication measures as well as providing databases.


• Scalable
EOS is able to support tens of thousands of commercial scale decentralized applications (DApps). It offers asynchronous communication for exchanging messages among hosts or devices within a computer. EOS can also separate authentication from execution and it comes equipped with parallel execution capabilities to reduce response time for high data-intensive operations.

• Flexible
The EOS software can freeze and fix broken applications and it also offers Generalized Role-Based Permissions to allow greater cooperation and collaboration when using the software.

• Usable
Features such as a web toolkit (for development of the interface), self describing interfaces, plus self describing database systems and a declarative permission scheme make the EOS platform usable to developers. This allows for fast and easy setting up of any type of decentralized application.

• Low Latency
EOS knows that a first-class user experience is dependent on reliable feedback with the minimum amount of delay – generally only one or two seconds. This software has a series of in-built features to ensure it always delivers the requested feedback in the fastest possible time.

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