Enigma/Catalyst review

In its bare form, Catalyst is simply a platform which can be used to create trading strategies and trade crypto currencies. This application is part of the bigger Enigma project. Enigma’s aim is to create and develop a fully decentralized, open and transparent, secure data marketplace which lets people and businesses contribute and consume data.

With an emphasis on collaboration, the Enigma marketplace protocol is re-shaping how data is collected, shared and monetized. Catalyst is an application which operates within the Enigma protocol. The Catalyst platform is powered by the financial data stored in the Enigma marketplace, thus allowing users to develop their own quantitative strategies. Investors can then financially back traders and strategies, which is akin to building a personal crypto currency hedge fund.

Enigma’s vision for its marketplace is based on three core principles:

• Decentralized
Data is a very valuable commodity which can lead to its flow being restricted. The decentralized nature of Catalyst will match financial data curators with consumers of such data – investors and financial traders.

• Open
Catalyst will allow everyone to add financial data to Enigma’s marketplace and also consume it by devising trading strategies based upon the collected data.

• Secure
Security is paramount which is why the operating system used on this platform allows for data to remain totally secure yet it is still open for user consumption.


The combination of blockchain technology coupled with Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) ensures the Catalyst platform preserves privacy and it is also resilient. The network of computers upon which the platform is constructed are able to store and process private data without having to look at the data itself.

• Quant Research Tools
Free, open source Python SDK tools are available to use. These work either locally or via a web-based IDE. This allows for fast access to crypto-data, giving the user the ability to design, test, analyze and refine the best trading strategies.

• Data Marketplace
Participation is what helps to drive Enigma’s decentralized data marketplace. Users can participate in the blockchain ecosystem as curators of data, consumers of data or both.

ENG Tokens can be earned by providing crypto-investment data to the marketplace and ENG tokens are spent on subscribing to data sources.

• Machine Based Investing
The transparent nature of the Enigma marketplace and Catalyst platform allows for individuals or companies to invest in winning strategies, even if you do not possess the knowledge to develop your own algorithms. Developers can showcase their successful strategies to attract investment from others.

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