e-Chat review

e-Chat is an all-in-one piece of crypto technology in the fields of finance and communication that was started in Hong Kong. It encompasses a decentralized messenger, on top of a wallet that holds many types of cryptocurrencies, and a social media platform. Finally, all of these elements into one! e-Chat currently accepts such currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinGold, and BTH. This social media platform is free to use as well. Their goal is to consolidate all of these great ideas and merge them into one platform that is simple and easy to use with a nice, clean interface and a great experience for its users.

The token itself is an ERC-20 Token (built on the Ethereum Blockchain) and goes by the ticker ECHT. At the moment, it is valued at $1 USD and the total supply is 300,000,000 ECHT. Currently, the pre-ICO and 1st round ICO stage are already over and now they are in Round 2.

The platform itself offers free international and can handle up to 10 people in a group at the time. They offer text, voice, and video chat. e-Chat uses data encryption to protect its users from security threats and having data compromised, along with utilizing Peer-to-Peer technology on the blockchain. This is certainly a project that has a lot of potential and the fact that they are offering its basic services for free, it is safe to say that many people will download and try it out.

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