Dogezer review

Dogezer is a new generation platform for entrepreneurs, UI/UX designers, software engineers, programmers, sales and marketing specialists and other skilled individuals involved in the development, promotion, service and support of software products.

The platform connects these individuals so they can collaborate on projects which they believe in, and in return gain a bigger share of the rewards. This will remove the need for external investors (outside funding), resulting in the project’s creator remaining in full control.

Dogezer has integrated the functionality of tools akin to GitHub, Jira, Slack, Google Docs and Upwork into its platform ecosystem so to provide everything needed to run a virtual software company.

Furthermore, Dogezer can be used by established companies to replace the existing tools they are currently using. This will provide a solution to past integration issues between products. The platform comes complete with a financial system which can process fiat and crypto currencies effortlessly.

Regarding investment into the Dogezer ITO (also known as an ICO), Dogezer will provide a basic toolkit in its ‘freemium’ model; however, to access the entire suite of Dogezer products either a basic or premium licence will need to be purchased using DGZ tokens. With the tokens having a hard cap, the number of licences representative to 1 token will increase over time.


The tools integrated into the Dogezer platform include:

  • DoMarketplace

Connects interesting projects with users who have the skills and desire to participate

  • DoFinance

This payment system allows the project owner to make payments to team members for completed tasks or other activities which they have contributed to. Payments can be made in fiat or crypto currencies or even using promises of future revenue generated.

  • DoGit

A feature-rich git-based version control system. Basically, it is a modified version of GitLab Community Edition used in alpha.

  • DoIssues

A flexible ‘issue tracker’ offering support throughout the developmental processes with fully customizable issue boards.

  • DoIterations

This is a system responsible for establishing repeatable iterative steps within a project’s lifecycle, such as phases, stages, etc. This will help to easily understand the project’s progress and overall team commitment.

  • DoFiles

Integrated cloud-based storage center for all the project’s artefacts with support of granular permissions.

  • DoDocs

Similar to Google Docs, this is an online service for collaborative document authoring.

  • DoMessaging

A place for communication between team members inspired by the Slack messaging system.

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