DIMCOIN review

DIMCOIN is a new speculative cryptocurrency which acts as a gateway to the entire community of products and services within the DIM ecosystem. It is built on the NEM blockchain protocol which helps make the coins low-cost and transparent. Users will be able to buy and sell DIMCOINS using a range of fiat and crypto currencies with the price dependent on market forces and cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The second version of the DIM cryptocurrency is DIM Currencies, which are equivalent to the value of the fiat currencies that users make the initial exchange with. The DIM Currencies will be utilised as a medium of exchange in the DIM ecosystem. They will also be used for e-commerce and merchant purchasing on platforms that will accept the DIM cryptocurrency.

The DIM ecosystem is a whole community of services. This is where users can do their trading, conduct e-commerce, and use both crypto currency exchanges and fiat to crypto exchanges.

It has been created in such a manner that all the segments (entities) can function independent of each other whilst remaining interconnected – a revolutionary step in the crypto-data industry. Each company is an independent legal entity but they are all contained under one umbrella group.


In order to purchase, store and trade DIMCoins and DIM Currencies, users will need to connect with the following three services which help make up the DIM ecosystem:

  • DepotWallet

DIMCOINS and DIM Currencies will be stored in DepotWallet. This is a cutting-edge blockchain wallet which allows users to buy and sell DIM crypto currencies. It is also possible to trade P2P and exchange Bitcoins and several other leading Altcoins for DIM crypto currencies from the DepotWallet.

  • Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE)

While trading occurs with cryptonized currencies within the users’ DepotWallet, the Hybrid Stock Exchange is the location where traders go to meet one another for exchanges. The advantages of using HYBSE are that it is low cost, offers full transparency, it’s highly secure and transactions clear very fast.

  • WISEConsulting

WISEConsulting will become the bureau de change for DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. It will exchange fiat currencies into DIM Currencies. Using WISEConsulting will enable users from different countries to get prices of different DIM Currencies on their DepotWallet.

DIMCOIN Foundation’s future goals are to become one of the major exchange platforms for altcoins. It also aims to make the process of splitting currencies easier; create currencies for certain sectors and industries and to create a community payment system specific for local needs.

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