Dentacoin review

The aim of the Dentacoin project is to provide a solution to improving the quality of dental care worldwide. The Dentacoin Foundation team strongly believes in building a future healthcare industry that will fall into the hands of the people, resulting in the disruption of the existing industries and the creation of new industries in the short and long term.

Dentacoin is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform regulated by smart contracts. It uses a decentralized review platform and transparently rewards patients and dentists who make contributions that benefit the community. The rewards are paid in the form of its own cryptocurrency – Dentacoin (DCN).

Looking forward, Dentacoin expects the platform to drastically improve dental health and hygiene habits, thus improving the quality of life for individuals resulting in improved overall health and increased longevity.


Dentacoin wants to establish a preventative model of dental care – to do this it will unite both patients and dentists in its own ecosystem and both parties will be rewarded for their participation.

  • Trusted Review Platform

This community is basically the heartbeat of the Dentacoin project.

As a patient it will allow you to give direct feedback on the treatment you received plus you can propose any suggestions or improvements you might wish to share. Meaningful and honest reviews will earn rewards in the form of DCN tokens which can be used for future treatments at affiliated clinics. You can also read other reviews to help find the best dental care provider in your area.

The dental clinic will benefit by receiving up-to-the-minute feedback from real world patients plus there will be information related to other clinics in the region. This crowd-power is valuable market research data which will help align the dental clinic with the needs of the people. Active dental care providers within the community will also be rewarded with DCN tokens which they will be able to purchase supplies from manufacturers with.

  • DentaVox

This is a web-based application which will be developed to share collective patient wisdom. It will be a fun and engaging app filled with multiple choice questions. Those contributing by actively using the app with be reward with DCN tokens. Once again, this is a valuable source of the latest market research data which dental clinics can use to offer a better service and product.

  • Aftercare Mobile App

The interactive aftercare mobile app will provide patients in basic steps following post-treatment. The aim is to develop sustained oral hygiene habits for both children and adults alike.

  • Trading Platform

Dentacoin provides a completely decentralised trading platform providing dental care products, dental materials and equipment. It connects manufacturers, dental clinics and patients directly to one another and by using a cryptocurrency – transaction costs are at a minimum.

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