CryptF review

CryptF’s central idea is a rather stunning approach to stabilizing the price volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The basic principle behind the project is to peg the value of CryptF coins to real-world assets – specifically to blue-chip stocks and bonds of major investment companies. They aim at reducing the crypto market vulnerabilities to exaggerated price index set by hyped cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

The truth is that many people are steadily becoming more aware of the importance of decentralized digital currencies and their associate TGEs to both global and personal economy. The market is really booming and there’s almost nothing anyone can do to stop the excitement. As of the time of this review, the market capitalization for cryptocurrency is well over $700 billion USD, 50 times what it was the previous year (2017). The outstanding problem, however, is the repelling feature of this investment train as pertaining to the issue of volatility. It scares a lot of people and makes it difficult to interpret the market trends like the traditional stock and capital trades market.

The risks are so high that it takes a little more than confidence in the ability of legendary coins like bitcoin which has grown so much in the past few years from mere cents to a dazzling all-time high of $20,000 USD – a growth of more than 20 million percent. This, however, does not mean that BTC hasn’t had its fair share of ups and downs. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin has plunged unexpectedly time and time again, disappointing major supporters and fanatics. Every other cryptocurrency has inherited this ‘curse’ – the ‘volatility curse’.

To think that digital assets will face an uncertain fate has become the trend as they pass through the stages of development: the coin offering or crowd sale (TGE), the listing on exchanges, the frequent pump and dump experiences, and many more challenges down the road of ultimate survival. Even expert traders are wary of this reality despite the opportunity it presents. The CryptF project is of the view that low coin circulation is instrumental to the volatility of cryptocurrency, and their product will suit the difference.

This tragic event is hopefully what CryptF is intending to avert. So this is a step in the right direction for them, as they are seeking to tackle real problems associated with cryptocurrencies. They see the uneasiness in the tone of investors when talking about the potentials of cryptocurrency investments. Some have even referred to it as a huge bubble and that it will burst just as previous bubbles before it. The 2008 United States housing bubble is quite the vivid example, where everyone was so certain that it was the next best investment decision they would have ever made. Others also felt it would go on for a long time and they were making plans to that effect.

Similar things are currently happening in the crypto ecosystem. A faction (majorly, the bitcoin fanatics) are still hell-bent on the ‘American dream’ through BTC and other altcoins. Other economic experts are pointing investors to the likelihood that their dreams would be crushed.

The current crypto-market is susceptible to price manipulation and this is largely due to basic economic supply and demand fluctuations. FOMO and FUD are usually responsible for the volatility of these crypto assets.

Cryptocurrencies are still a unique concept that the decentralized internet has given birth to. CryptF is quite optimistic that this young market will still grow to become something more than what it currently is. However, the issue of volatility will still constrain investors and they hope to be the solution to that end.

They are creating a bridge between real-world blue-chip assets and cryptocurrencies, and their token is to serve as the vehicle of investment. Simply put, CryptF token holders will have the opportunity to invest in stocks and bonds of big-time companies, making the long-term investment a solidity, thereby guaranteeing their ROI.

Sadly, they don’t currently have a working product or an MVP for sampling their product. This could present quite the challenge, as they may not be able to convince people that they can pull it off.

Although the problem of volatility is also a concern to every crypto project, however, every startup is dealing with the issue in different ways. What CryptF is presenting isn’t new to the market but it sure is unique, focusing on major blue chip companies in order to attract major long-term investment players.


CryptF Coins are based on the Ethereum Blockchain Technology. Their tokens are also generated and dependent on the Ethereum network. The tokens are divided into three categories: the CFIT, CFGM, CFBND to target the 5-giants of the internet industry, the gaming industry, and bonds of over 15 developing countries.

They have three-pointers as to the objectives of their platform: One, they intend to create an investment vehicle by grouping profitable financial instruments having reliable real-world values under one portfolio and associating their CryptF coin to that portfolio, which is further managed by them. An investor can confidently buy-in to that portfolio hassle free. This type of investment places their coin at an advantage as it has two types of value: the one from the cryptocurrency community and the default real-world asset backing – i.e. the blue-chip market identities/values they are pegged to.

Two, they want to accelerate their product through the TGE events. ICOs are currently the most reliable channels for funding internet-based startups. And for a coming up project like theirs, which has no current product in the market, and have quite a number of competitors, which will include other cryptocurrencies that have real-world backed assets such as proofsuite, brickblock, zrcoin, sirinlab, int, goldmint. They obviously will need a more robust mechanism to succeed.

Three, a periodic 40% profit-sharing among token holders to be distrusted quarterly. The profit comes from commissions in the use of their coin and also from reinvesting the dividends into more shares, therefore increasing the worth of their coin. This is quite an incentive to encourage token holders to hold their stakes with the company because this feature is only accessible to those who have the tokens at the time of the sharing and this is done proportionately to how much coins the holder possesses.

CryptF crowdsale analysis:

They are conducting an initial coin offering to accelerate their project development and set in motion the revolutionary investment system for cryptocurrencies. They have a total of 90 million CPTF tokens to be minted, of which, 63 million will be sold during the crowdsale.

It would seem that the project requires a minimum of $150,000 USD to successfully launch. Well considering the size of the project, 90 million CPFT isn’t too much, in fact, with cryptocurrencies, most investors are always aiming for low cap project with high ROI within the shortest time possible.

So with their initial price per token set at 0.001 Eth / approx., 1.3 USD (at the time of this writing), it shouldn’t be too hard to hit their objective. But factoring other obstacles, such as the uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market and competitors, it might be too soon to tell. Their token offering has been divided into 4 stages; Pre-ICO, ICO stages 1 through 3.

They began the first phase (pre-ICO) on the 13th of December 2017 and ended on the 26th of December 2017. The next phase of their crowdsale, controlling the major percentage of their TGE will hold from January 4th to March 14th, 2018. The stages have 40%, 30%, 20%, and 10% bonuses respectively. The funds collected are to be used for the developmental stage of their product and also facilitate the listing and activity of the coin on cryptocurrency exchange market.

They have chosen to distribute their tokens thus:

  • ICO sales – 70%
  • Team – 9%
  • Company’s reserve – 21%

The roadmap:

During the early first quarter of 2017 through late last quarter of 2017, CryptF would be in the planning phase which includes: brainstorming on the conceptual model, how the product should be related to the public, the team to be involved and their strength, releasing of bounty program and the private launch of the project.

Between the months of October 2017 – November 2017 the product is unveiled to the public for initial coin offering procedures. The most active part of their plan starts in Q1 of 2018 with the bounty campaign and their consecutive three stages of ICO.

From their roadmap, we can see that the first product to be released is the CFIT, followed by the remaining two products CFBND and CFGM coins. This shows quite a systemic pattern in evaluating their products one after the other and the response of the community to the products as they are released. It also shows that their major product is the CFIT. Members of the community can begin expecting dividends from Q1 of 2018 at midyear.


The team of CryptF consist of 9 members, 4 of the team member are mentioned on their website. They appear to have quite the experience cumulative in the business and investment sector, and 5 other team members whose identity are yet to be disclosed. The team doesn’t look strong enough to handle the strength of the vision, with only one trading advisor on the team and one blockchain advisor; however, the unveiling of the other masked 5 members might be the game changer.

Anton Tenitsky: The main officer in charge, a New Zealand based entrepreneur who continuously ventures into new ideas that give birth to a very great product.

Alexie Tenitsky: Has over 15 years of experience in designing platform for products, a renowned professional in web development and architecture to contain high traffic congestion.

Jordan Olson: has vast knowledge in blockchain technology and one of the prominent members of bitcoin investors with a strong portfolio in software development for Hollywood production both in Canada and New Zealand.

Danil Biktudin: a seasoned trader in the stocks and capital investment market. He probably is the key resource person for the trading aspect of the business.


The CryptF website is readable and easy to understand, as clear statements are used to relay their points. Moreover, concise languages are used. They have a short 2-minute video presented by the CEO – Anton Tenitsky, explaining how the importance of the platform and why investors should participate in the project. On the webpage, there is a poor breakdown of the company business plan. They are active on social media platforms such as Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Their whitepaper is concise, 9-pages long and they were able to buttress the importance of their product. However, there is no technical description of the platform. Basically, it is more of a business and economic overview of their idea.


They are going to be accepting Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Credit Card payments and wire transfers. As for the safety of investment, people will still have to consider due diligence and research the project further and the individual team members.

They do not have an escrow system except for the smart contract through which they will be receiving payments during their crowdsale.

Pros and Cons


  • Investment open to different social class
  • Investment is tied to more financial reliable company
  • Predictability and stability of investment growth
  • Opportunity to re-invest dividend to increase the rate of initial coin
  • Transact directly with the global financial market from your digital wallet


  • It is a Long-term plan, may not appeal to skeptical or short-term cryptocurrency investors
  • The idea basically relies on the hopes that the value of token will grow after a period of time.


For those looking to invest in a long-term ICO like the regular stock and bond investor, would do well to jump on the train as CryptF is probably the next investment train that will reinstate confidence in the choice of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Moreover, they may also be great facilitators of mainstream adoption of blockchain industry. However, the associated risks notwithstanding are considerably present as in other crypto investments opportunities.

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