Crypterium review

Crypterium is built upon a decentralized banking platform and aims to be the #1 cryptobank in the world. It is comprised of 4 main elements: mobile cryptobank, cryptolending system, cryptoacquiring for merchants, and open API for developers. With Crypterium’s legendary goals, aiming to do something that has never been done before like this, they make it an incredibly interesting project to get involved in and be a part of. On October 24th, they opened up for token holder registration. Then, their early sale for the ICO was October 31st through November 6. November 7th through the 25th of December is their Bonus Sale and finally, they will have the last opportunity to buy in at the ICO stage (without any bonuses) from December 26, 2017, to January 13th, 2018.


Well, as we all know, cryptocurrency is a booming industry, but we are faced with many challenges on how we can spend it and where. In some countries, it is illegal to spend any type of currency for payment besides the local fiat currency, that means it is illegal for merchants to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies as a payment. Crypterium’s goal is to be able to pay with all of the cryptocurrencies. They have developed over 20 types of payment methods making paying with cryptocurrency an actual reality. They have been able to integrate their systems to align with POS software. This will change the payment system as we know it.

There are many other projects out there currently integrating payment processes for cryptocurrency and having this become a more acceptable procedure. Some examples are Bitpay, TenX, Monaco, and many others.

Crypterium’s platform is not available yet and/or still under development. They have been developing their platform for over 5 years and plan to release their platform late Q4 2017 or early Q1 2018. Though they have not released their official working platform yet, they do display on their promotional video how some aspects of the Crypterium platform will work.

During its ICO stage, they have a total of 210,000,000 CRPT available at the initial market value of 0.0001 BTC per token, in which they will have a total supply of 300,000,000 CRPT. They have a mincap of $3 million USD(in which all funds will be returned if not met) and a hardcap  $47 million USD according to their white paper.

Crypterium plans to use over 20 types of payment processes to integrate with their platform buy using NFC Protocol. Some of them include: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

As of now, their plans for its users are to be able to pay for anything using their platform including: 42 million retail stores(online and offline); anywhere that accepts VISA, MasterCard, or UnionPay; utility bills; and public services.


Their team is incredibly diverse and well-rounded with a good amount of appropriate skill to execute their project. The main directors of Crypterium are Austin Kimm, Steven Polyak, Gleb Markov, and Vladimir Gorbunov. They each have successful projects beforehand and over 10 years experience in this industry.

Austin Kimm is also the CEO of two others companies (Workle & Renaissance Insurance). He has a good amount of experience in directing businesses in a wide range of industries, which shows that he has a good foundation and can adapt to different fields and industries. That is a must for the world of cryptocurrency, since most of what we are experiencing in the world of crypto has never been done before. Austin Kimm is an appropriate member to have on this team.

Vladimir Gorbunov (one of the main speakers in the promotional video) is an IT entrepreneur that has more than 10 years of experience and founded 5 companies with a total capitalization with over $150 million USD. He also has experience with payment platforms and processes. He was involved in the companies Workle and PayQR. Crypterium is his next big step and success to come.


Everything about their website is pretty clean and solid. It is a bit overwhelming with so much information, though. The user experience could be worked on, as it may turn some people away if it is too much to grasp at once. They do have a 6-minute video on their home page, but you have to scroll down. Their whitepaper is 35 pages and a great breakdown of the company infrastructure and plans. They have a nice social media presence on: Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and Telegram.

Crypterium Roadmap

During the late fourth quarter of 2017 to the early first quarter of 2018 Crypterium is planning on releasing their platform. This will also include the mobile bank development. Starting from December 2017, they will be developing their OpenAPI platform as well.

Their biggest plans will really be in 2018, as that will really be the launch of this project to the public and begin its use. Starting in January 2018 they will be developing the credit token protocol, integrating scoring platforms, and also working on their algorithm for regulating token exchange. In early to mid-2018, from March to June, they will be implementing their crypto-acquiring solutions and developing their “CrypteriumSX” tech. In May to June, they mentioned the AppStore for their software based on OpenAPI they are developing. The last update they currently have on their roadmap is from June to September. During this time period, they will be working on Grants for OpenAPI product development.


Crypterium is now working to develop a Cryptobank that can accept ALL cryptocurrencies in some shape or form. They will obviously be using the top 5 cryptocurrencies, but their goal is to be able to accept all of them and be able to store, use, exchange, process payments, and also deal with loans. Right now, they have not released enough information on how exactly they will do all of this, but most likely they will provide updates via social media once they have released their platform and right before.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-seasoned, professional, and credible Team
  • Use all cryptocurrencies world-wide and simplifying the payment process
  • Cryptocurrency Credit/Loan System integrated into platform
  • Partners: BitGo, Bancor, Blockchain Law Group, and ICOBox


  • Platform/App not released yet
  • Existing competitors
  • Potential legal problems and restrictions in different areas
  • So many goals, could be overwhelming to integrate into one platform

Overall Analysis of Crypterium

This project seems to have the team and the skill to pull off their ambitious goal and it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if they did manage to be the #1 cryptobank in the world. There will surely be many competitors and eventually, the one at the top may become obsolete one day. That is what makes Crypterium really unique. They offer open source API to third-party developers as well. They understand the world of crypto and how important open source collaboration is for the success and transition of a new technological advancement. It is highly likely that they will hit their hardcap at 43 million USD as they broke the softcap within 5 hours. They have currently raised over 10 million USD.

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