COSS review

Crypto One Stop Solution is the unabbreviated name of the COSS project. It is a state-of-the-art platform which has integrated and combined all of the economic features related to cryptocurrency intercommunication.

The purpose of the COSS project is to fundamentally simplify the processes involved in purchasing, storing, using and selling cryptocurrencies. COSS aims to remove the present restrictions faced by users, thus making transactions in cryptocurrency easier and instinctive in the future.

The COSS project ecosystem consists of three primary elements; they are:

1. Wallet
2. Exchange
3. Merchant Platform

Within the core framework of the primary elements mentioned above, the key features of COSS are implemented.


• Payment Gateway / POS
This service gives e-Commerce merchants the ability to authorise payments online sent via the platform. It accepts numerous currencies with current exchange rate integration included. With a fast KYB process and complete reporting analysis, this feature works as an effective tool for marketing.

• Crypto Currency Exchange
COSS has an integrated dual exchange, allowing it to process both FIAT and crypto currencies, which users are able to trade straight from their COSS wallet. Only personal accounts can trade using the exchange. For merchants wishing to exchange a cryptocurrency into FIAT, they must transfer (withdraw) the funds from their merchant account to their personal account first.

• Merchant Platform
With a built-in payment processor, businesses using the COSS merchant platform will be able to both send and receive funds in an abundance of cryptocurrencies. Users have complete control over the configuration of merchant’s accounts, meaning he/she can choose which cryptocurrencies to accept and where to accept them (i.e. online store, other locations, from which businesses).

• Market Cap Listing
Other companies’ crypto-tokens can be traded on the COSS exchange if desired. For this instance, full details including the whitepaper, turnover and value will be made available for the clients to make an informed choice.

• Proof of Development
The COSS platform contains tools which analyse and list blockchain, DAPPs, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology developers and smart contracts. This is to assist clients and businesses in hiring approved devs.

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