Chrysos review

Chrysos consider themselves a peer to peer lending platform that is built on top of the blockchain. They are a Proof of Stake (PoS) token and offer many ways for people to start earning their CHR coins. Some of these means include mining, staking, lending, and also trading. They also provide a referral program that goes up to three levels or tiers.

How does it work?

It is unclear from the information provided on their website how they plan to execute this. It is worded to be along the lines of a peer to peer or almost “decentralized” manner, but that would be impossible considering they are the ones paying people out. It looks as if they will have a centralized pool and you can earn rewards by holding the CHR token for a certain amount of days.

The payout table on their website is as follows: $100 – $999 USD Investment at 1.5% Daily for 210 Days all the way up to $100,000 USD Investment at 1.5% + 0.35% Daily Bonus for 60 Days. Once again it is unclear how this all works as their website does not provide enough transparency and data to make a clear picture.

Chrysos overview:

This project looks to be a typical centralized lending platform. Please be aware before investing in any startups where any central party can hold your money and also where they guarantee a % reward. Most of these lending platforms turn out to be Ponzi schemes or scams and the owners run off with all of their investors’ money.

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