CCCoin review

CCCoin is looking to create a cryptocurrency which can make a social impact by providing 75% (to be increased to 85% within 12 months) of its proceeds to trusted charities.

The charities to benefit from this project will be chosen by a democratic vote between all CCCoin holders. The power of blockchain technology ensures full transparency for everything which CCCoin does, so contributors can follow the entire journey from start to finish.

The founder’s mission is to attract people (investors, business owners, general public) within the cryptocurrency world whom don’t usually donate to a given to charity to start doing so through the CCCoin project. It is looked upon as CCCoin to be a first stepping-stone, so that once the contributor has found a suitable charity, they can then continue working on a one-to-one basis directly with them.


  • How it works

CCCoin is very simple. There will be 50,000 CCCoins generated every month which are deposited into the network’s CCCoin wallet. Please note, CCCoins are not mined like Bitcoin, they are created at a given rate and distribution process.

The generated CCCoins are then sold via numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. This creates capital each month for the project.

75% (will be 85% later) of this capital is donated to trusted charities and non-profits. CCCoin network has listed more than 50 charities on its website. The people who bought CCCoins will then be asked to vote on which charity receives the donation for that given month. The top four charities voted for will receive a donation from CCCoin as follows:

The winning charity will receive:         30% of funds raised
2nd Place Charity:                              20% of funds raised
3rd Place Charity:                               15% of funds raised
4th Place Charity:                               10% of funds raised

Naturally, those people who donated will wish to know exactly where and how their contribution is being spent. So, CCCoin network ensures that it will regularly follow up with every charity which has received funds.

CCCoin aims to provide a fully transparent business. It believes this is imperative, especially when dealing charitable contributions made by others. For this reason, CCCoin will offer a complete and comprehensive record, which is open to everyone, on their website. This will hold the details of all votes held, donations made (when and to who), as well as other key information related to contribution.

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