BITWALL review

The BITWALL project aims to deliver the most secure storage system for bitcoin to date. The wallet is a protective complex of programs and services designed for maximum protection of bitcoins.

This will not only protect the coins from theft, but it will also hide traces of bitcoins being used in online systems – thus removing transactional footprints. Depending on the size of the collected funds, the project owners wish to add new functions to the wallet and connect new services.

BITWALL’s founders believe that the current options available are inadequate in several ways, such as:

  • Online wallets, as well as wallets that store or accept private codes, cannot be considered safe to store bitcoins and private data as hackers will eventually get in.
  • No wallet or antivirus has the functionality of secure file deletion. In order to completely remove a file, it must be erased and the empty space needs to be filled (overwritten) at least 35 times to prevent data restoration.
  • No wallet or antivirus has special protection against data spoofing in the clipboard.
  • None of the wallets are trying to hide the traces of the presence and use of bitcoins.

From an investor perspective, BITWALL is a commercial storage system. Users will pay 0.5% for each transaction made through the BITWALL wallet. 40% of the revenue generated will be paid out in dividends to BTCW token holders.


The BITWALL secure storage system has a host of features and functions which other systems and wallets do not possess:

  • The generation of new private keys, as well as access to them are possible only on a system completely disconnected from the Internet.
  • The application has a very simple interface and protection from the tampering.
  • The wallet is divided into 2 separate programs. The first is for reliable cold storage of private keys and transactions signing while the second allows the user to view the balance and create offline transactions for signing in the first program.
  • It supports unlimited generation of both wallets and addresses to them.
  • The wallet is launched in a portable mode, in order not to leave traces of its presence.
  • By default, the wallets are stored in a hidden format using stenography and additional protection, the wallets are masked by randomly generated images or in any user specified file.
  • The BITWALL wallet has built-in specialized protection against malicious programs aimed at stealing bitcoins.
  • The system automatically deletes logs of using bitcoins in the system, and also safely deletes files without the possibility of recovery.
  • It will have built-in premium services such as a hidden call to the police and private security company.
  • There will be a built-in distributed exchange, working on the blockchain, to anonymously and reliably exchange bitcoins directly from your wallet.
  • BITWALL constantly informs the owner about new threats and fraudulent schemes used by criminals, which are processed online by the company’s experts.
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